[ADV] Schoolhouse ver.1.23 [English-Machine Translated]

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Circle: Sakakumo
Release: Apr/25/2021
Product format: Adventure
Genre: Fetish, Anime, 3D Works, Prostitution/Paid Dating
File size: 303.82 MB

The protagonist gets dumped by his girlfriend, and in the 1 week before he moves,
he decides to enter an abandoned school-turned storage yard, and employ the prostitutes there for some fun.

Playtime: Approx. 3-4 hours
Sexable girls: 5
* 1 ending per girl

Contains Live2D animation, along with still-image CG event H.

– Standard H
6 Live2D animations x character variations
* Enjoy while looking at images you’ve received from girls as well.

– Event H
3 characters (20 base CG) + variations

– Other
6 H still images

Changelog (Google Translation):
-Fixed a bug where you could slip through an alley wall

-Fixed a bug that another character was displayed due to the action of some characters.
* There is no need to transfer save data.

-Added an option to change the mouse sensitivity
* There is no need to transfer save data.

・ Added specifications that reflect the putting on and taking off of clothes in the act of closing the school
* There is no need to transfer save data.

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The game might be strictly in dirextX12 now, rip old pcs.


This game would probably be 30 min long if you didn’t move at a snail’s pace. Holding shift while moving makes you move a tiny bit faster. Also, the girls have a red cloth on the floor outside rooms they are in, or at their feet if they’re in the open. If you want to cheat the money, it’s a float value you should search for with cheatengine. Game wasn’t worth the time imo.

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Anyone tried to uncensor the game with demosaic plugins? Even if it is an unity game, I couldn’t make it.


Watch out for this game!, The camera sense of this game is very bad, you may even have discomfort during the game (like me, vomiting stomach acid in the toilet in the middle of the night, my mother even thought that I was ill and wanted to send me to the hospital)


How do you achieve the first event?


Does everyone know about how to get the 2 event?

Ui Non


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3D Characters + 2D map: Interesting idea, i will buy you a beer. 3D Map + 2D Characters: You are disgusting please get off my face. Joke aside, Wtf are they making the game so creepy for ? When i tried this sometime ago i always imagined that something might jumpscare me when i searched for girls in the school. It is like playing a horror game -_- And as i said, 2D characters in a 3D map is such a bizare combination. The girls look like they are made of carboard because the lack of 3 dimension and it… Read more »

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who knows how to open an event on the alley?


Here’s a short guide for everything. (Day 17/18 are pretty much skippable). 19th Attendance A1035 B8002 D3047 E5561 Lost items D3047: 1st Floor East Room Cell phone: 2nd Floor West Classroom 20th Attendance A1035 C0203 D3047 E5561 Lost items (extra events) C0203: 1st floor Eastern house E5561: 2nd floor, northeast of the down stairs. Mobile (extra pictures, 6 of em total): In front of the stairs to the 2nd floor 21st Attendance A1035 B8002 C0203 D3074 Lost items A1035: 1st Floor East Aisle (need to go through the room) Mobile phone 1st floor, Seibu-ya 2nd floor, long walkway to the… Read more »


how to download? (sorry im new in this forum)


Pls original language version!