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Circle: Imperial Gorilla
Release: Apr/20/2021
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Dot/Pixel, Robot/Android, SF, Sex Industry/Soapland
File size: 91.05 MB

To change the language to English, click on the gear icon at the bottom left of the main menu and then click on the drop down menu underneath Language.

Pixel Art x Cyberpunk x Brothel Management Simulation
Presenting the second work from circle Imperial Gorilla.

It’s the near future.
The location: Watasumi, an AI-run artificial island built on the ruins of sunken Tokyo,
where humans and androids live together.

The protagonist, having built up significant debt, is sent to the island to run a brothel.
He’ll have to run the place well, expand it, mingle with androids, and survive attacks
from rivals if he has any hope of paying off his debt, and escaping the island.

A simulation game about running “MARIONETTE”, an android brothel.
Use your profits to expand your establishment, customize androids, conduct research,
and pay back your loan.
The brothel also can come under attack from other organizations,
so be sure to beef up security and acquire weapons to protect the place.

400+ pixel art H animations
5 heroines (with scenarios)
3 pixel art animations per heroine (15 total)

Fixed a problem that prevented users from changing resolution and language settings when using certain monitors.
Fixed some animation rendering bugs

Fixed a bug that prevented the end of battles in certain language environments

Added gallery mode
Added some mod diffs
Added holograms while playing
Added difficulty level
Added English and Chinese

Added SE sound for customer service
Adjusted the overall volume balance
Fixed some operation bugs.

Fixed the range of the camera.
Auto-save timing has been changed.
Some UI specification changes and bug fixes have been made.

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Link 2

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is there a english translation of this, not machine translation


My anitvirus is detecting this as a trojan. Is this normal?


Build your Android prostitution empire.
-Game : English machine translation might trigger some people but game also pretty straightforward, I don’t understand entirely the story but it was fun. But the Hentai only seeing your android got banged. You as owner can only watch. No voice as well 3/5
Graphic : Pixel and low quality design 2/5

Too bad the android only selected few (5 androids) and very sad you can’t bang them.. total 3/5 sorry.. I just love the idea but it needs to be polished more.


Will you upload the new update that came out this month?




I cannot for my life clear the final raid. Can someone give me tips on how to beat it?


Ok game for 1 hour or 2. No real building upgrades just bigger rooms. Not the best not the worst 2.5 out of 5.