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Developer: Jukkaku Games
Publisher: OTAKU Plan
Release: 2021-04-16
Game Format: RPG
Genre: Anal Sex, Character Creation, Creampie, Fantasy, Groping, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, Monster, Monster Girl, Oral Sex, Rape, Sexual Harassment, Titfuck, Turn Based Combat, Vaginal Sex, Virgin, Voiced
File Size: 1.87 GB

At the very beginning, you, an adventurer, appear as a stowaway on a cargo ship .After a sudden night attack by the unknown enemies, the whole ship turned into chaos.
And accidentally, you obtained a legendary sword in such a mess.
Using that sword, you saved the ship and finally arrived at the destination——”Labyrinth City of Veria-pool”.
What awaits you, is not only the wonderful dungeon “Labyrinthos”, which can obtain unlimited treasure, but also the encounters with beautiful and mysterious heroines.
As you explore deeper into the Labyrinthos, the background and the startling plot surrounding this place, emerged.​

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Chandra Purnama

Yes yes yes. Thank you so much for thia


protip: get the item “tester” and your life will be easier. how to get it? search google….


op, you should add harem, because the mc in this game can marry all 6 girls ;D


Oh, this was quick…

They can spend a save with money farmed since it is tedious to farm it

huh this is pretty good though since it require more farming i can give you method to skip the farming complely


Flawless GAME! This is the what everyone wants and need! Create your own hero and marry every heroines! Score: Story : 5/5 Unexpected Turn of event! You might want to read instead skiping! Game : 5/5 Challenging monsters, reasonable grind, powerful end game, restart game with carry over items / save. H-Scene amazing! Many girl to marry, Tainy saiko desu! Too bad we can’t pick the which to be “trained” ahem.. Music : 5/5 Dance while you defeating the bosses! Woo hoo! Voice : 5/5 each heroine has voiceline and they all amazing! From Cute, Funny, Tsundere, Quiet, etc. This… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by iWasHandsome

Fun h-rpg.

For the love of god if you play this get a save editor and give yourself “Anklet of the Goddess”. It’s an item that allows you to speed up battles.


Can someone seed for this game, please? Thank you.