[SLG] Young Yakuza Boss Ririka’s Brothel Management Ver.1.01 [English-Machine Translated]

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Circle: Ressentiment
Release: Aug/29/2020
Translator: Celcyus
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Female Protagonist, Prostitution/Paid Dating, Cuckoldry (Netorare), Elder Girl x Younger Boy, Pregnancy / Impregnation, Milking, Childbirth, Shame/Humiliation
File size: 689.48 MB

Translator Notes:
I translated around 70% via MTL the game (Translator++ with google translate)
except most of the interface i couldn’t translated without causing the game to crash, i managed to get most of the dialogue translated.
I didn’t get time to check and proof read the auto translation but I managed to understand the game by playing it (no crash)


Protagonist Ririka was just a regular schoolgirl.
Until a few weeks ago, that is.

Her father, an underworld crime boss, died, and left the family business to her.

With no time to mourn, she was thrust into a world of bloodthirsty yakuza,
huge loan payments, and more…

The path she chose to deal with this: ruthlessly managing a brothel and adult film business.
Working in a world of crime, she coldly takes advantage of unfortunate women,
and uses them to raise the capital she needs!

What will await Ririka at the end of all this, prosperity, or ruin…?


In this game, you play as the criminal manger of a brothel and adult film studio,
taking advantage of unfortunate women for your own benefit.
Receiving period money quotas from the top, you’ve no choice to earn the cash, or face punishment!
If you keep making the quotas, your syndicate will find itself rising through the ranks.

How Ririka drags the heroines into the corrupt underworld,
and what duties they’ll have is all up to you!

* Some characters from previous works make an appearance here,
but this game takes place in a parallel world of sorts, or in the bad end world.
The game, of course, can be enjoyed on its own without having experienced our other games.

[H scenes]

40+ base CG
6 protagonist scenes, 6+ scenes for each of the 4 companions
Tons of dress-up options and erotic parts included for your customizing pleasure!

* Cohabitation system included; have the men and heroines live together!
Even without player input, they might get up to sexy business, morning and night.

* Affection system included.
After maxing affection, the heroine’s pregnancy gauge will start to deplete…
Other events might occur as well…?

* Sub-heroines can be virgin, pregnant, give birth, live together with someone, even get married!
Or every inch of their feminine being can be ripped away, and their bodies sullied…!

[Impregnation system]

* H-scenes have an “Impregnation gauge” system!
If the gauge reaches 0, the heroine is guaranteed to get impregnated!
Preg-belly variations are included for each character’e pose and some H scenes.
You can even see their belly swell more and more as time passes.

* View the history of children birthed by the heroine, depending on the parents.
Pregnancy and birthing bonuses are also included.
Get your favorite heroine pregnant over and over, and see the results.
Surely, it will help out your business too!

* Film and produce pre-birthing AV as well.
Tease the women with sex toys, bukkake them, plow them.
Use whatever commands you like, and sell the birthing video for a high price!
(Birthing scenes can be skipped)
(Items can be used to make the possibility of pregnancy 0%, for those who don’t enjoy these elements)

[Prostitution and AV-filming Systems]

* Send girls to the brothel to develop their sex skills, and make a little money
* As they gain experience, they can acquire ero-skills that will help them take on porn filming!
* Choose the male lead for the flick, with tons of CG, events, etc. depending on your combination!
* Create your AV title’s cover jacket and title!


* Scene Gallery, CG Gallery
* Text-skip

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I guess the person who applied the MTL can claim that 70% of the text in the game is “translated” since they MTL’d the event text, but barely any of the interface outside of said events is translated, and the parts that are are mostly gibberish. The problem is that navigating said interface is what makes up 90% of your time playing the game, good luck with a fairly complex management game where you have no clue what any of the countless menu options do. It seems like a good game, I played it for a while back before it… Read more »

Last edited 3 years ago by Jormala

This is like true Japanese dark stories in AV Business. But this in game also no less scary, but also in cheerful background music. This one quite messed up. Childbirth and also pregnancy. I’m not playing much due language translation issue, and also gives me sour face when seeing babies inside her womb.. It’s absolutely not my preferences. Not gonna score it. For those who loves impregnation and AV Industries this might for you.


Hmm, i dont know if the OP getting this, but
There has been an update for this game to version 1.08
Its 98% fully translate manually and not an MTL

Last edited 2 years ago by Alterchaos

full save data?


Latest trasnlated version: