Some changes about image hosting sites & Rewards

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1. I will change all image hosting sites start next month.
I have no choice this time because all hosting sites I’m using now (same company/owner) have lower their payout rate BY HALF and I barely get anything from them now.
Also, this might be a sign that they will discontinue their sites in the near future too.

2. It’s been 9 months since I put Core Mix & Monthly Rewards for free downloads. Hope you guys like it!
From now on, Core mix & Monthly Rewards will available ONLY on My Gumroad. But 1 episode of every pack will be a sample-free download every month.
If you like it. Support me there and please give a 5 STARS rating for anything you bought, Thank you!
Ps. Weekly Rewards will be posted once a week as usual.
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Dam, I really wish it was some AF’s joke ;/
But while I got you, my pc is more important for me to trade for a few pics ;’/

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Thank you for all your work


The new image hosting websites redirects quite a lot especially when you wait a few seconds and the screen is an entire clickable div that redirects you.

Luckly i made a css script that removes a lot of the bad stuff and it also increases the image size without having to click on. (which also redirects you)

If anyone use Stylus addon import this css


Laugh in premium member