[RPG] Mar, Girl of Vengeance ver.1.0 [English]

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復讐の少女マール ~捕らわれ輪姦される肢体、堕ちていく意志~

Circle: yaminabedaiichikantai
Release: Aug/31/2018
Translator: Emarald_Galdiator
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Internal Cumshot, Violation, Sexual Bondage, Restraint, Captivity, Coercion/Compulsion
File Size: 158.05 MB

Japanese system locale or locale emulator is required

* Concept

Sneaks into a hideout for revenge but gets caught, confined and violated.

* World View / Synopsis

A girl living in a certain village, Mar, once lived together with her parents in happiness.

One day, when she waited for her parents who went get groceries,
men from the vigilante group of the town knocked on the door.

“Your parents were murdered by a group of thieves that assaulted our town.”

Facing a sudden separation, Mar is lost for words and is filled with despair.

Years later……

With clues about the group of thieves she has gathered, she finally locates the group.

“I will avenge my father and mother… No matter what!”

Holding a resolution in her heart, Mar leaves the village behind.
Not knowing her fate to have her nubile and supple body defiled by the thieves……

* Game Overview

[Stealth System]
She dodges through enemies’ sights to the very depth of the hideout.
She can kill an enemy with a single attack when she attacks from behind.
However, a battle is inevitable when she is found.

[In-Battle H]
She will be r*ped even during battles.
Her health decreases by enemies’ attacks and erotic acts,
and she will get caught when her health runs out.
(sometimes it directly causes a game over depending on enemy type)

[Growth Skill Tree] (New!!)
You can grow her skills of your choices such as ones specialized in fighting and sneaking.
To go the way with fighting skills or sneaking skills… This is your decision.

[KP Gauge] (New!)
“KP Gauge” indicates how much Mar is motivated to take revenge.
When running out of this gauge, she loses heart and gets caught to a game over.
Her facial expression during battles changes with the fluctuation of KP.

[Tactics in Escape] (New!!)
When her health runs out during a battle, she gets caught and confined by the group.
She will be violated while in confinement. In time, there will emerge a choice whether
to escape or not. Upon a successful escape, she will return to the beginning of the map,
but a failure in the escape will lead her into more violation.
The success rate of the escape is displayed as a gauge during the violation.

[All Scenes Will Be Unlocked as a Post-Game Content (only in the retail version)]
Scenes you have missed will also be unlocked after a game clear
so that you can concentrate on the gameplay.

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