[ACT] HengenSouki SHINE MIRAGE -countdown to defeat- ver.1.05

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変幻装姫シャインミラージュ 敗北へのカウントダウン

Circle: mille-feuille / petit mille-feuille
Release: May/25/2018
Work Format: Action
Genre: Transforming Girl Lesbian Violation Gangbang Anal Tentacle

Go to Option (middle button on the title) > Config (left button) and change these 2 things to improve the graphic quality

* Introducing an Authentic Belt-scroll Action Game with plenty of Replayability!
Aiming to clear all 7 Stages, Use Special Moves and Exhilarating Combos
to lay waste to wave after wave of enemies!
There are also various conditional achievements that can be cleared as ‘Missions’!
Complete the game 100% and GET the bonus H scene!

* The game difficulty can be adjusted and a Power Up system to strengthen
the heroine and help you with clearing the game has been implemented!
Subsequent play-throughs will become more ‘SPEEDY’!

* Even if you don’t clear the game,
there is a feature which will allow you to UNLOCK ALL H SCENES!
So even those that aren’t particularly fussed with Action Games can
enjoy the highly fappable erotic content without battling your way through!

* Can be played with KEYBOARD, GAMEPAD or MOUSE!

* Containing two types of erotic scenes. Action & Visual Novel Style!
Action Style scenes are Real Time H Anime during battle.
Visual Novel Style scenes with Event CG displayed as the scenario progresses.

Starting with the 3 evil executives Misty, Debro, Dorcos
and including, henchmen, lowlife scum, Kaijin monsters,
four legged beasts, tentacle monsters and more…
A variety of assailants will torment Shine Mirage!

The content of the erotic scenes will change depending on the
number of times defeated and the enemy that she is defeated by!
Gangbangs, sexual discipline, lesbian play, tentacle r*pe, slime play, etc.
A multitude of BAD ENDS awaits our heroine of justice!
Whether she falls defeated or claims victory is entirely up to you!

* This work is the game adaptation of a novel originally contributed to “Nocturne Novels”.
(The original creator has written an original scenario just for the game version!)
* This work also has a commercial comic adaptation.

One day invaders from another world suddenly invade earth!
Their name… “DARK CRIME”.
Standing no chance against the monstrous creatures and henchmen
and with all hope shattered, humanity was struck down into an abyss of terror and despair.

Even the young lady Saki, heir to financial conglomerate Toudouin,
was assailed by a Kaijin monster. But in the face of perilous danger,
a jewelry box brimming with light appeared before her—-
Overflowing from the box, a abundance of holy energy enveloped her body
and staved off the dark energies of the Dark Crime monsters… It was that moment
which Saki became capable of transforming into HengenSouki SHINE MIRAGE!

The battle between the proud and noble ‘Shine Mirage’ and
evil beings out to corrupt her soul ‘Dark Crime’ begins now!

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