[RPG] Succubus Maze ver.1.06 [English]

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Circle: Jamming Software
Release: Jul/28/2014
Translator: ValorKG
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Anime, 3D Works, Nonhuman/Monster Girl, Coquettish/Seduction, Foot Job, Breast Sex, Reverse Rape
File Size: 445.53 MB

* Genre *
Reverse R*pe Escape Action RPG

* Game *
Succubus Maze is packed full of masochistic situations only.
Escape the succubus or face her delightful sexual wrath.

* System *
– Pleasure attacks will reduce your HP to 0, ending in ejaculation and Game Over
– After that, you are be exploited in an H scene which you can watch as long as you want
– Button-mash to escape pleasure attacks

* About pleasure attacks *
– attacks come from 1 to 4 people
– all attacks are animated
– techniques include paizuri, handjob, blowjob, fotjob, girl on top, even twerking/ass frottage, etc.
– enemies also use seductive strikes
– during attacks, various dialogue is spoken

* Other features *
– over 250 anime sequences
– revisit your favorite H scenes in the gallery after you beat the game
– the game difficulty is easy

* Story *
One night, you — the protagonist — are spirited into the nightmare world of a succubus.
Can you resist the ecstasy and return to reality….. or will this wet dream be your final resting place?

* Notes *
Requires RPG Tkool VX RTP (free):

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