[ACT] The Shadow of Yidhra [English-Machine Translated]

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イドラの影~The Shadow of Yidhra~

Circle: WhitePeach
Release: Jan/31/2021
Product format: Action
Genre: Female Protagonist, Cross-section View, Zombie, Internal Cumshot, Violation, Naughty/Lewd, Coercion/Compulsion, Ponytail
File size: 433.13MB

The main character, Delta, wakes up with an explosion. Notice that the outside is occupied by zombies.
Rescue a strange girl on her way out of the lab.
Explore survivor bases, occupied factories, and abandoned research institutes.
Find out the truth of the incident and lead the survivors to survive the disaster together.​

Operation method:
-Left click: Attack
-Right click: Aim
-1,2,3 key: Switch weapon
-F key: Next conversation
-A key: Move left
-D key: Move right
-S key: Go down
-F key: Pick up / Enter
-Q key: Hand grenade Use
-R key: Reload
-C key: Use medical box
-E key: Open equipment field
-Shift key: Dash
-ESC key: Open / return / close system menu

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This game is easy to win as long you know how to dodge and do meele attack. at start you need to push find the save point. zombie will not respawn except you load your save file. so if you want to farm money you need to do this near save point and then after done farm save again and load the save file keep do this until you get lot item. Try not to use bullet to shoot zombie it better to keep it to fight a boss. most the zombie can be killed easily with meele. you can… Read more »

George Dent

The game ends with the second encounter with Kaguya the sword wielding maid girl?!

Also when Delta is knocked down and raped it ends with the finisher insanely quickly .

Is that suppose to happen or is it just my copy? lol


Been playing this for at least twenty-minutes now and tbh… genuinely fun even if you just use the knife.

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