[RPG] Nasty Sex Friend with Plump Girl Friend [English]

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Circle: ManiaClub
Release: Jan/21/2021
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Healing, Breasts, School/Academy, Internal Cumshot, Blowjob/Fellatio, Big Breasts, Voluptuous/Plump, Chubby/Fat
File Size: 412.03 MB

(English product description provided by the circle)

** Story

When he was depressed, Megumi, his childhood friend comforted him.
Kenichi was heavily depressed, so Megumi tried to comfort him by sleeping with him.

Even after Kenichi becomes fine, they make love each other for a while.
She is a little ugly and plump girl, so he felt easy on her.
Plump girl would follow you whatever you say to her.
And they feel nice when you hold’em.

Let’s see how these couple, sexually active boy and plump girl end.

** Interesting point

A plump girl always has low self-esteem, so she won’t say no when asked.

** System

Improve yourself to be a nice guy!
The main character, Kenichi, doesn’t have confident. But after he had his first sex, he becomes more confident.

In the gym warehouse, school infirmary, and even in the classroom.
The young man doesn’t know how to stop his sexuality.
Let’s call the girl to take care of his sexual desire.
What you can’t do with prettey girls, you can do them with an ugly girl.

Yes, as you can see, school is a place for sex!

** Heroine

Name:Yamaguchi Megumi
Cv:Shirokawa Pako
Personality:A caring girl with a quiet personality.
Her look turns plump, which made her low self-esteem.
Relationship:Kenichi and Megumi has been friends from childhood.

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