[RPG] Agent Karen ~ Undercover Investigation of the Dark Organization [English-Machine Translated]

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エージェントカレン ~闇組織潜入捜査~

Circle: yaminabedaiichikantai
Release: Jun/10/2017
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Collar/Chain/Restraints, Internal Cumshot, Violation, Captivity, Machine Sex, Long Hair
File Size: 75.12 MB

[Premise / Concept]

A skin tight suits wearing female agent falls victim to traps and unable
to fight off wave after wave of enemies… is captured and violated!

[World Setting / Synopsis]

Karen swore and oath of revenge against the
evil organization that murdered her parents.
Gathering information as an agent, she has finally
tracked down the culprits… and her chance has arrived.
She makes her way for infiltration but… little does she know
that a lewdly devious trap lays in wait with its mouth gaping
wide open and waiting to violate her succulent female body…

[System Overview]
[1] A simple yet profound battle system.
Comrade and foe attack in turn. Use items found on your journey
to adjust your character’s parameters to your play style!

[2] *(New!) An Escape from Captivity Mini-game
Each stage has a time limit. If it reaches reach then
you will be captured and captivated by the enemy.
Use the arrow keys to escape or else… sexual torment awaits!

[3] After clearing the game, all scenes are 100% unlocked.

[4] Erotic Content Inclination
Machine r*pe, rope suspended gangbangs, guillotine restraint,
crucifixion, hands tied behind the back, trapped in a wall and used
as an object of flesh for sexual gratification… etc!

100% of all scenes contain RESTRAINT! Hope you enjoy!

* Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP (free):

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come on guys!! i totally expected some bad karen jokes here!

I want to thank the translator for the translation. But I give this game one star, 
because it is a pitiful resemblance to "Crisis Cell". If you liked this game 
find "Crisis Cell" and play.  
The only drawback of "Crisis Cell" is that it has not been translated into English.
Еnthralling gameplaye with great art. I hope someone translates it soon.