[ACT] Mine Dungeon X ~Rurumu’s trip~ [JP-EN-CH]

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Circle: Serurebu
Release: Jan/16/2021
Work Format: Action
Genre: 3D Works, Loli, Maid, Internal Cumshot, Violation, Tentacle, Machine Sex, Tiny Breasts
File Size: 162.5MB

!The Story!
The robot Rurumu finds herself in quite a predicament as her way home is strewn with landmines!
With only her wits to rely on, she must navigate through the minefield with her mine-detection skill
and embark on an adventure—minesweeper style!

!The System!
We’re back with cute girls and minesweeping!
A minesweeper action adventure with enemies and obstacles to conquer!
Our latest edition includes a hit point (HP) system and mine detection flares to support you.
With a myriad of new enemy types and boss encounters, an exciting new adventure awaits!

!Difficulty Levels!

Training – Much fewer mines, mine locations don’t change on retry
Beginner – Stage settings are the same as Expert, but damage received is lowered.
Expert – The base difficulty

This time, you have access to four types of bullets
Destructive: Break down obstacles or enemies
Search: Display hidden numbers underneath unreleased blocks
Teleport: Warp to a designated location
Sealing: Block enemy movement or ranged attacks

A variety of defeat HCGs have been added as well for when you game over
to certain enemies or bosses.

13 base HCG (10 defeat CG)
30 variations
3 other CG

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the winner for the most “bullshit-game-of-the-year” can be this game..
buggy, zero explainations what to do, sudden /random deaths/eplosins…

don´t even try to play this horrible waste of time! it´s REALLY just a waste of time…


Shocked by the first comment, but having played the previous game, I downloaded it anyway.Actually, it’s a fun MineSweeper game with detailed instructions, but if you have never played MineSweeper before, you probably get the same idea as the first comment said.


This is the world we live in, where even minesweeper has hentai.