[Action] Orgy Assault Simulator 2017 [English-Machine Translated]

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乱攻しみゅれ~た~ 2017

Circle: Orange Rice
Release: Jun/30/2017
Work Format: Action
Genre: 3D Works, Outdoor, Orgy Sex, Twin Tail, Tsurupeta
File Size: 751.6 MB

* A battlefield r*pe simulation game with an orgy theme!

– Lewdify both friend and foe for a massive orgytastic r*pefest!

– Upon being attack, clothing takes damage!

– A low spec game capable of being played on even laptops.
You can easily enjoy the high-end graphics without a fuss.

– A side-scrolling ACT style system that can be played with the keyboard alone.

– 20 stages and 10 different types of enemies await you!

Experience this outstanding orgylicious party held in a rural town!

* Please turn off your computer’s anti-virus software before launching the game.

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Game description sounds interesting, but for a game released in 2017 it seems kinda unfinished. Or I am literally too dumb to get the controls around? I don’t understand how “rape with allies” does anything good for you, they only kill each other… I don’t get how the attacks work. Before they get undressed, they die. I don’t understand what the green and the yellow bar are supposed to inform me about. And I don’t understand how I can have 21(!) allies, going to that stone, click “yes, I want to go to the next stage” and nothing happens. Do… Read more »