[RPG] Treasure Hunter Koo and the Ancient King ver.1.1.0 [English]

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Circle: tayun_x2@yarakasidan
Release: May/08/2019
Translator: Maidenmasher
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Clothed, Nonhuman/Monster Girl, Kemo/Animalization/Transfur, Interspecies Sex, Big Breasts, Tail, Female protagonist, Rape, Big tits, Furry, Tentacle, Lesbian, Fantasy
File Size: 636.07 MB

Control the animal girl to evade traps and devices while enjoying H CG in this game!

[ Story ]
Koo Un Milkyway was a rookie treasure hunter, on a journey to find riches.
Will she be able to traverse the Nikukyu Ruins and get her hands on the treasure!?

[ Product Overview ]
Enjoy viewing H CG as you live through the adventures of the treasure hunter Koo!
(Main story CG are costume variation compatible!)

There are sub-stories with H events featuring people in the ruins as well!

[ System ]
The player’s main objective is to complete the main story.

By exploring deeper into the ruins while avoiding traps,
the main story unfolds, H events are triggered and give you access to CG.

In addition, complete events in the square in front of the ruins
to obtain useful items and take part in sub-stories that trigger H events.

Koo’s costume can be changed by using specific items,
with a total of 6 different costume variations total.
(Naked / Adventurer / Bandages / Bikini / Ancient Attire / ???)

There are no RPG like elements such as battle and leveling up.
If Koo is caught by a trap while naked, it’s game over!
Because of this, we recommend frequently saving your progress.

[ Specs ]
– Name changeable for the main protagonist Koo
– Turn on/off pose art while exploring
– Functions to skip traps and puzzle solving included
– Pose art, damage display, main story H events are costume variation compatible
– After game completion, some items can be carried on to a second play-through

[ Other ]
Game Resolution: 816 x 624
Approx. Playtime: 30 min ~ 2 hours

H event CG :
“Main story H event CG”
– 14 base CG (1 not including Koo), 268 including variations

“Sub story H event CG”
– 6 base CG, 18 including variations
+ other, and lots of pose art / damage display / event CG (non-erotic)

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