[3D Hentai] ToLOVE Ru Diary Teacher (Full+Video-60FPS)

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Circle: marmalade*star
Release: Dec/02/2020
File Format: EXE, MP4
Genre: Legs, Breasts, Senior, Hand Job, Foot Job, Breast Sex, Ear Licking, Big Breasts
File Size: 5.4 GB
Official Video version: ToLOVE Ru Diary Teacher [Movie Edition]

A love story behind the kind, motherly blonde teacher and the protagonist.
Unable to share their true feelings properly, they still have sex every day.
What will become of their love?

Enjoy a different H scene for each of the 7 days,
with each scene enjoyable from multiple angles.
Situations include handjob, footjob, fellatio, masturbation, titjob, etc.

Fully voiced, with lots of realistic and erotic sound effects!
The handjob scene in particular is binaurally recorded
for the ultimate in realism. Enjoy with headphones!

With date selection mode, you can start where you like.
Scene Gallery mode is usable from the start!
(Thus, there is no save function)

Enjoy the product the way you want!

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Some of the screenshots are not even included in the video.


when i play game all scene became black… cant even see them


Do someone have the patch for demosaicing? I really like this game.