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モンスターゲッター~♀は売り ♂は襲わせ 身売りもしよう~

Circle: Fresh Squeezed Pure
Release: Nov/19/2015
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Breasts, Collar/Chain/Restraints, Nonhuman/Monster Girl, Fantasy, Rape, Voluptuous/Plump
File Size: 93.27MB

Full save included

* Premise

Monster getting has never been more profitable.
It’s a booming age, but lately there’s too many adventurers and hunters.
Meanwhile, Eruna’s father is sick with “full body hangnail-itis”.
She and Lily the pixie need to go to the city and get medicine.

The adventure begins…

* Gameplay

Monster Getter is a monster capture RPG anyone can play.

Playtime is about 1 to 2 easy, breezy hours!
All enemy graphics are hand-drawn!
Meet new monsters for a chance at H scenes!
Amass wealth to purchase skills, weapons and upgrade powers,
and make your quest that much easier.

The monster girls are strong! Eruna’s gotta get strong too,
but she needs money for that.
Maybe her body itself is worth something… to somebody…

Choose “super easy mode” and things are even easier!
All you have to do is go into the basement of your house.
Enjoy the balance-breaking OP weapon. Whee!

* Contents

32 base CGs
Replay mode

* Notes
Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP (free).

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Seems to me like it’s 287 not 93.27 mb


looks decent