[2D Hentai] Loli VS Danger Zone ~Absolutely Forbidden Places~

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Circle: nisemono
Release: Nov/29/2016
File Format: MPEG
Genre: Girl, Loli, Violation, Sexual Bondage, Rape, Gangbang
File Size: 1.65 GB

When young girls stray into places they mustn’t go.
From backalleys to abandoned mills to a strange basement facility,
this movie collection is a gangbanger’s delight;
each girl is captured and f*cked raw by a crowd of men.

* 5~8 minutes x 6 scenes, approx 40 total minutes of anime
* No hope, no help, so no need for extraneous dirty talk or lengthy dialogue
* Also no BGM or male voices
* Per the animator’s taste, no excessive cruelty, blood or pregnancy

MP4 (h.264 codec)

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zim bu

This artis does some nice monsters themed ones, this is not that, it’s just some plain rape gangbangs, meh.