[RPG] BegieAde ~a lyric of lie and retribution~ ver.1.01h [English]

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BegieAde ~嘘と報復のリリック~

Developer: Planet Pandemic
Release: 2020-11-13
Work Format: RPG
Genre: animated, vaginal sex, anal sex, oral sex, rape, bdsm, humiliation, slave, group sex, groping, multiple penetration, female protagonist, male domination, combat, turn based combat, adventure, fantasy, big ass, big tits, monster, monster girl
File Size: 721 MB

Tereza, the captain of kingdom knight, was defeated by the bandit boss Duardo who has got evil power after Tereza’s team captured him.
The succubus girl, Lyric, who gave the evil power to Duardo, said she needs Tereza’s help to defeat Duardo because he got way too strong that already beyond her control. But in fact, Lyric has her own purpose to get close to Tereza…​

Animated character
Epic storyline with twists and turns
Classic J-RPGRPG

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Small loading issues with this game. some of the sound assets are missing. you can copy an ogg that matches the name into the www/se/audio directory.
Also towards the end the game near the fort it tries to load an image with japanese characters for one of the enemy types and the game hangs.
For this find the CommonEvents.js and search for
覆面touzokunokougeki and remove the japanese characters so it is touzokunokougeki