[ACT] Save the saint! ver.20.10.05 (JP)

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Circle: Tsuyoi Ko
Release: Oct/07/2020
Work Format: Action
Genre: Female Protagonist, Dot/Pixel, Anime, Rape, Interspecies Sex, Sister/Nun, Big Breasts
File Size: 49.86MB

■Change log
・Add event recollections to the recollection room.
・Add a panting effect to other than some erotic scenes.

The saint, who was invaded by the enemy country and became a hostage, was trapped in the prison of the enemy country. How many days have you been detained today? The saint has lost even a sense of time. One day, the saint hears a strange voice from the outside. Ah, it’s a very different voice even for humans. By the way, it seems that the prison graduates have disappeared someday … The angel saw a gap and helped the saint. But the real hell is here …!

■About this game
・Erotic scenes (28 enemies + 8 traps + 6 bosses) are all dot animations!
・After clearing, there is a recollection mode.

Since the damage is calculated every time you touch even during one attack, you can easily defeat even the boss by hitting ← → repeatedly while attacking.

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This game is shockingly bad, and you needn’t play it. Here’s why: Mechanically the game is sluggish and unfun to play because the movement speed is extremely slow and slower than all enemies. The only way to move faster is by jumping, but tying a speed gain to jump doesn’t feel good. ‘X’ to Attack only worked 30-40% of the time. This is game breaking since you’ll need to be attacking a lot on bosses with far too much HP, and I hope I’m the only one that had this problem. The AI is braindead and mostly can’t even hit… Read more »

Last edited 4 days ago by TwistedScarlett60

Brother, you don’t understand the myth of Cthulhu. If you know more about the myth of Cthulhu, you will find many interesting details. At least I like this game. This game is indeed not the most perfect, but if you provide compliments Or money, the creators of this game will have a chance to improve. Your cruel comments are not helpful except to reduce one game creator. I even suspect that you did not buy this game. You should be ashamed. Fortunately, you are not Japanese People, the author of this game may not see your comments.


I’ll be honest, my review could have been far ‘crueler’. I didn’t even mention that almost all transparency effects in the game don’t work and simply show the basic grey/white transparency grid. Also, if you start a new level and accidentally go left, it’ll put you in the previous area and you’ll have to refight the boss. There are probably some other things, but there’s no defending this. It’s not a case of ‘let the creator improve’, it’s a case of ‘the creator should know this is unacceptable, but still decided to sell it’. And the fact this game is… Read more »


I read the comments left by the purchasers of DLsite in Japan. Not everyone only sees the bad side of this game. If you think Sinsistar is the best game, there is no need for a game that is not better than Sinsistar. Please play Sinsistar forever.


If there is possibility, try NOT to kill lonely violet octopus thing with a sad yellow eyes, that will appear before last boss. I wonder if there is multiple endings and I couldn’t test it because I couldn’t find a save file. The thing is – I killed it, and it appeared to be a bad thing because of [Spoilers of the last boss defeat scene]. If anyone can test if sparing will give a “good” ending (without grave) please comment here. I would be really appreciate it.