[3D Hentai] Netorinbo Prologue [English Ver.]

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Circle: Atelier KOB
Release: Feb/15/2020
File Format: MP4
Genre: Anime, 3D Works, Cuckoldry (Netorare), Cuckoldry (Netori), Blowjob/Fellatio, Rape, Big Breasts
File Size: 1.27 GB

Celebrating Atelier KOB’s 10th anniversary of creating doujin / indie works!
We present to you NETORINBO… Thank you all for supporting us this far!


The heroine Yukino is troubled with her friend and family relations.
With her boyfriend, she heads to a mental health clinic run by his uncle.
The uncle recommends “hypnosis therapy” and the two accept treatment but…


An authentic story of violation with all the bells attached.
Depicted in super high-quality 3DCG for extra effect!
Carefully crafted for a year and a half, quality is assured!

Full Hi-vision, 30fps / Over 250 cuts!

“No, stop it…!” the girl begs for him to stop as his giant piece
draws ever closer to her… eyeing her up without a shred of mercy.
Before her boyfriend, wallowing in sorrow… drowning in his own tears…
The cruel and scornful actions of brute unfurl.

Will you be able to watch to the end…
A horrendously perverted tragedy that takes place in a small clinic…?

* Super Finely Detailed Textures! *
For this work we used a tool that has been used for some famous 3D movies.
As a result, the textures are amazingly detailed!
The Heroine has over 100 textures that are 4096×4096 resolution!!)

With this, when we get nice and close with the character model,
you can almost feel the texture of her skin through your eyes!

* The Entire Work FULLY Lip-synced! *
Going against Japanese animation standards (cutting costs),
we synced the 3D animation with the voice acting!

For the first time in Atelier KOB’s history, we were able to let the voice actors
full reign on their creative expressionism. Each and every word,
moan, groan and shout comes to life through the 3D character models.

* In this work, we didn’t aim for “REALISM” we aimed for “REALITY” *
In other words, we weren’t aiming to create something that looked exactly
like real life… Like an actual film or something, no…
We wanted our work to have the same immersive thrill,
exhilaration and sense of reality that you would feel in real life.

How it would feel to sadistically torment and humiliate a powerless girl in front of her BF.
How it would feel for your beloved GF to be violated before your very own eyes.

We want those kind of feelings to be conveyed through the motion, facial expressions
and voices of our characters… and put a lot of work into making sure they do!

We hope that you wall all agree with us.
Whether the feelings you experienced were, “enjoyable” or “disgusting revolted”
that would be a mission accomplished as far as our creative goal was concerned.

* Contains both “Normal” version and “Subtitled” version *
In Normal version, all characters are fully voiced.
In Subtitled version, male characters are not voiced
and instead, their dialogue is displayed with subtitles.

[Bonus Content]

This work contains bonus content “The OKAZU”
(scenes which did not make the final cut)

We recommend keeping your pants on for the prologue
and then having some fun afterwards with “The OKAZU” (side-dish)

[Read Carefully]

* This story will be split into two parts. This product contains the PROLOGUE.
In the PROLOGUE there are NO Sex Scenes. We repeat NO SEX SCENES.
This is why the price has been adjusted to match that of a manga / illustration set
and not that of a full-blown 3D erotic animation work.

– The 3D models and CG are of SUPER HIGH QUALITY.
Please check out the trial version to see what we mean.

– This is a work of fiction. Nonetheless, it does contain some pretty mean stuff.
If you are easily offended, you may wish to think twice before viewing.

If you like it, buy it to support the creator!
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Don’t forget to read FAQ page if you got any errors.
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