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Circle: JSK Studio
Release: Oct/08/2020
Work Format: Others Game
Genre: Anime, Lovey Dovey/Sweet Love, Fighting/Martial Arts, Internal Cumshot, Coercion/Compulsion, Oneesan/Older Girl/Older Sister, Big Breasts, Virgin Female
File Size: 435.8MB

Thanks Hanz for the file

A Battle for the Top
After the man wins the martial arts championship, someone suddenly enters the ring.
In front of him, a beautiful woman in a wrestling suit.
Throwing him a bewitching smile, she announces:
“Be proud! You have been chosen to go up against I, the Ice Queen!”


– Play as the reigning champion of a legit martial arts competition, and face up against the champion
of the dark underground martial arts competition, Ice Queen Serene in this H command battle game.
– Branch off into different sex scenes during the battle, and depending on your actions, discover 4 different endings.


– A command-style battle system with active gauges.
Building up your gauge allows you to unleash various skills.
– Clothing / equipment damage is included, including costume & socks.
– Receive skill points from battle, and use them to power up, or learn new skills.
– H Skills include throw, grab, straddle, chokehold, etc., which each lead to H scenes.
– Branch off into 4 different endings depending on battles and dialog.
– Each ending includes different sex scenes.
Previously viewed scenes can be viewed anytime!
– H scenes include missionary, doggy, cowgirl, handjob, fellatio, breastfuck, face sitting, etc.
– 30+ scenes including variations
– Strip the heroines at your leisure (or not!). Creampie timing is up to you!
Heroine pleasure levels can be changed as well.
– Different creampie animations are included for each position.
– Cross-sections can be toggled ON / OFF
– Creampie animations can be repeated via the manual mode.

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