[ADV] Flame Knight Ytona [English] (Full+Video)

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炎の騎士 アイトナ

Circle: AlfaPLACE
Release: Aug/06/2008
Work Format: Adventure
Genre: Anime, Fantasy, Rape
File Size: 1.17 GB

Japanese system locale or locale emulator is required

* Introduction
Tarpa is a boy who has escaped from a village ruled by monsters.
One of the monsters, an orc, is chasing her, but Ytona,
the heroine, rushes in to save him! Will Ytona succeed
in defeating the orc and rescuing Tarpa?

* Command-Based Battle
By selecting commands you decide how Ytona acts in the battle against the orc!
The commands you select and the orc’s hit points will determine
which of 2 different events and 8 different endings will occur.

* Movie Length
The total playback time is over 20 minutes, more than 10 minutes of which are reserved for the sex scenes!
The game includes a reflection mode that lets you instantly view the endings and events
you want to see, as well as a chapter based setup that lets you skip ahead during scenes.

* BGM, SE and Voices
Ytona and Tarpa are fully voiced in Japanese!
The sound effects and music make the scenes even more dramatic.

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Flame Knight 2 is one of the greatest bits of 3d hentai out there. At some point, I decided to try translating it, and even learned how to unpack all the video clips, which I have saved on my computer. Still, I could never find where the text was or how to unpack the data file, so I stopped. Still, would love to see it translated some day.