[RPG] Sorcery Kingdom [English-Machine Translated]

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Circle: Anmitsuya
Release: Feb/26/2020
Translator: Brook09
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Clothes Changing/Dress up, Fantasy, Violation, Naughty/Lewd, Loli, Virgin Female
File Size: 1.32 GB

You might need to change system locale to Japanese or use any locale emulator

Recent magic school graduate Leticia needs to impress Albert, the wizard of Antheim Castle.
TO do this, she sets out to challenge the Demon Cave Altrincham. What destiny awaits her…?
The adventure unfolds from your base in Vernagun!
Can you complete this fantasy RPG with Leticia’s purity intact?

Main Character: Leticia:
An exceptionally skilled mage with rare powers and the blood of heroes flowing in her veins.
hates monsters thanks to an incident in her past.

Weapon: Chronoweapon
A magical weapon creates by the magic vessel Ishtar.
Can switch between axe and piton forms, and can be strengthened with the use of magical stones.

Demon Cave: Altrincham
It’s said that no one has conquered this mysterious dungeon. Feared as a cave of monsters by adventurers.

Dress-up System
8 costumes, 10 hair accessories, and 10 shorts allow a variety of different looks!
Changes will be partially in battles, story scenes, and even event CGs!

Battle system:
Fight enemies use the Chronoweapon to cast spells and use special skills.
Leticia’s clothes will rip when attacked until she’s fully nude.
No defeats or game overs, but Leticia can be raped and have her money stolen.
If you get careless, she may end up losing her virginity…!

Over 14 different sexy situations, from gangbangs and prostitution to egg-laying and hypnosis!
50 base HCGs (different pose art than battles and story scenes)
Over 800 CGs total with variations! 130 H scenes!

5 different endings. 4 of them include H scenes!
Items, level, etc will transfer to new games upon completion.

Auto mode, text speed options and text box obscuring implemented.
Choose from 5 difficulty levels in the menu.
Supports game pads via the button configuration screen.

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horror rizer

tested this but the translation-wanna-be broke the game sequence triggers, making you able to skip big parts and unable to enter others parts.


My antivirus instantly deletes the game.exe file each time I try to start it