[RPG] Introducing An Apprentice Incubus (M) ver.2.2 [English]

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Developer: TashiKani
Release: Japanese 2018-10-28, English 2020-08-29
Translator: Gba
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Fantasy, Male protagonist, Harem, Monster girl, Loli, Vaginal sex, Creampie, Oral sex, Titfuck, Group sex, Handjob, Groping, Teasing, Futanari, Rape, Bdsm, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Anal sex, Romance, Big tits, Big ass, Transformation, Urination, Sex toys, Internal view, Ahegao, Footjob, Virgin
File Size: 1.33 GB

Translator Notes:
– The game has different puns and references to japanese culture, so I’ve left a couple of translator notes (TN) thorough the game to try to make things a bit more understandable.
– Also, the game usually uses the manzai to make comedy (you know, the type in which one of the characters says something stupid and the other reacts funnily to it). To translate these has been really funny, and I think I’ve managed pretty well.
– The way of talking in japanese is really unique. All the characters have their own way of speaking, so I’ve tried to show it in the translation.
– This game has lots of dialogues. Each NPC (not only the heroines) can be in different locations and have different dialogues depending on the time of the day, and the part of the game you’re in. It is for this reason that sometimes I didn’t have context about the situation, so maybe you’ll find (I hope you don’t xD) some dialogs that make little sense. I apologize for that in advance. Also, feel free to report them to me so that I can change them.
– The patch works for version 2.2. I haven’t tried it for other versions.
– There may still be bugs. The only ones that may exist are ones where the game doesn’t find an asset and makes a green screen pop out. You can make it disappear just by pressing enter, and obviously you can report them to me so that I can fix them.
– All girls have 4 scenes. The first two can be unlocked before finishing the main story (except for two heroines). The others can only be unlocked at the postgame. Also, there’s a girl added in the version 2.2, but she only has 2 scenes.
– Ciel best girl.

You need to change system locale to Japanese or use Locale Emulator.

“The reason I came here was for you. To recruit you as an Incubus!”

By day, a maid at the castle… by night a toy for sexual gratification.
Such a young boy Shiro is turned into a half-human half-demon
Apprentice Incubus at the hands of a mysterious white succubus.

At first he is bewildered but no sooner than later has he accepted the
pleasures and enjoying his new found life. Though while he may now be free,
in exchange for such freedom, he is dragged into a whirlpool of troubles……

What is the objective of the white succubus—-?
What will Shiro’s fate hold in store for him—-?

[Game Overview]
Exploration Style RPG with NO BATTLES.

The following 3 points will be key to clearing the game.

(1) The flow of time
Different time of day means different events and people in different places.

(2) The protagonist Shiro’s state / condition
When Shiro is aroused, he will transform into his Incubus form
and conversations will change to reflect his different appearance.

(3) Demon Eye
When in Incubus form, Shiro can use his Demon Eye to search for hints on the map.

Utilize these elements to your advantage, talk and interact with the townsfolk
and try whatever you can to get yourself into the heroine’s pants!

[H Scenes]
15 heroines
84 erotic scenes in total
57 base CG / 946 total variations

Variety of situations, indoor, outdoor, exhibition, humiliation, bondage, r*pe,
anal, hardcore contents, lovey dovey sex, futanari (d*ck girls), reverse r*pe, etc…

For a comfortably pleasant gameplay experience,
the following features have been implemented:

– scene reminiscence
– message backlog (via mouse wheel)
– skip (CTRL key)
– message window obscuring (during H scenes only)

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