[ACT] Golden Rape Chronicle ~Knightess, Save the Lost Kingdom from the Orcs~ (JP)

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Circle: Sharuru Hunter
Release: Aug/16/2020
Work Format: Action
Genre: Violation, Shame/Humiliation, Rape, Interspecies Sex, Forced Oral/Irrumatio, Warrior, Big Breasts, Large Cock
File Size: 285.05MB


This is a 2D side-scrolling action game.
During play, taking damage will cause your armor to break,
leaving you susceptible to being downed, and finally raped by orcs.
Her moans ring out during animations as she is filled with hot orc cum.

If you lose all your HP, an H event will trigger.
See the prideful knightess get ruthlessly violated.
Voice included (CV: Pako Shirakawa)

Please test the trial version before purchase to confirm compatibility.


An orc invasion has left humans on the brink of extinction.
However, a powerful knightess the likes of which the world has never seen appears,
and seeks to conquer the orcs.
She’s never fought in real combat, but her skills are undeniable.

If she’s successful, humans will be able to recover.
If she fails, all will fall into despair. Judging the the risk, the powers that be accept her desire to go it alone, but will provide no support for her.


– Knightess Mildred

A knightess of untold power, however, she has no real combat experience.
She is prideful and beaming with confidence, and thus sees herself as the savior humanity needs.
For that reason, she decides to tackle her mission alone.

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It was a good surprise to me, but you can play this game in English.
Just go to settings and play Fullscreen and English.
Fun game!


so I’ve had this issue with a lot of games on this site for some reason. When I open the .exe, the game just sort of starts clicking through/autoplaying on its own rapidly. No errors or anything, but it’s like stuff is being autoselected and clicked. It happens when I launch the game in Japan locale and when I don’t, and I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere, so not sure why this is happening. When I tab out, it stops clicking, but just whenever I have the window selected, it just starts spam selecting stuff, almost like if you were… Read more »

zz ping

All UIs and cut-scenes display correctly, the the actual game content is black-screen. This game is buggy


At first stage is black screen. The rest of stage is fine. Pls fix it.


Stage 5 goes to an unplayable black screen, is there any fix?