[SLG] Let’s stay home with Eka. (JP)

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Circle: Eka
Release: May/18/2020
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Touch/Feel, Anime, School/Academy, Slice of Life/Daily Living, Heartwarming, Hand Job, Loli, Younger Sister
File Size: 39.91MB

– Use your heart points to buy your girlfriend presents, toys, clothes, food, and more.
– Her affection increases with the right gifts — if it runs out, it’s game over.
– Be careful, as her affection decreases over time.
– Her hunger will also increase with time. Zero = game over.
– Affection goes down as you touch her.
Learn new skills to keep her satisfied! If affection is red, you can’t have sex.

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It’s quite difficult to play it without cheats. And nearly 1GB for a short game seems like a waste.


Hello everyone, I have completed the game. Just some quick notes… There’s no challenge, there’s no actual gameplay here. The reward for the gameplay is soft porn. Its a cute game, the erotic feature and gameplay just doesn’t work it. How to play? Buy furniture or a dress after completing “the tutorial”. Do the erotic stuff. Refill your affection bar by buying the top tier food. When low in heart currency, farm muns by repeatedly “equipping” the bought furniture or outfit. *note: while at blue affection bar status, you’ll gain passive income, 40 hearts, also buy the best furnitures, I… Read more »

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Unlocked everything, but it doesn’t feel satisfying at all. On top of that, no save function.

It’s like the dev tried to program an interactive Flash app using Unity.

The loli kitten-rearing game in the Play Store (Android) was more appealing by comparison. Nothing explicit, but they’ll talk dirty to you at Max Affection.




Hey guys I want to know can you download Let’s stay home with my sister Android version??