[ACT] Core Awaken ~Jilelen and the Crimson Dungeon~ ver.2.11 [JP-EN-CH]

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Circle: Serurebu
Release: Mar/05/2020
Work Format: Action
Genre: 3D Works, Tentacle, Machine Sex, Loli, Nekomimi (Cat Ears), Animal Ears
File Size: 258.12MB

“Robot love is prohibited”
In an age where robots are too similar to humans,
concerns arise that marriage with robots could lead to a huge decrease in the birth rate,
causing a gradual extinction for the human species.

A biologist named Lim works together with a robo-scientist named JinLin,
and her assistant LittleSnow in order to search the ancient Crimson Dungeon
and find a way for humans and robots to coexist.

[About the game]
This is a 3D Action Game with the following levels of difficulty:
Standard: Base level
Hard: Intermediate Level.
Very hard: Expert Level.
No Future: For the best of the best.

Make good use of Jilelen and LittleSnow’s abilities to progress through the game.
As you suffer attacks from the monsters, your Sullied Gauge rises.
The gauge has no impact on your character’s actions,
but after it exceeds a certain point, you may receive H attacks.
H attacks include: Tentacles, forced masturbation, egg-laying, etc. (depending on the enemy)

As you receive H attacks, your Penetration Level rises.
If it exceeds your max HP, you become unable to fight.
If both characters are unable to fight, it’s GAME OVER, followed by
an upon-defeat violation scene. CG will be displayed relative to the Boss.
Ero elements for both Jilelen and LittleSnow are included.

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how can I change its language to english???? I REALLY DON’T KNOW!


Wow, this game is extensive. Been at it for two days and just beat Very Hard, now grinding for No Future.

I think I’ve pretty much found everything in the game, but I haven’t the foggiest idea where to get the tertiary transformations for the two.

Judging from the profile cut-in CG, Jil’s third form is an Angel, and Snow has a Sheep form.

Any clues for those will be appreciated.

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не очень