[SLG] Ecological Experiment with Yamainu-chan (JP)

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Circle: Fox Muffler
Release: May/19/2020
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Fetish, SF, Heartwarming, Lovers, Fantasy, Violence, Pure Love, Ephebophilia/Shonen-ai
File Size: 726.79MB

The protagonist is living a regular life, until he is abducted by an alien!
He is brought to a place with a dog girl.
It seems the alien wants to gather data on human / non-human copulation.
It’s time to start the experiment!

Illustration: Daikon Arimura
CV: Yuuka Mizuki

Touching part
As you touch Yamainu-chan, you get a bonus.
Depending on where you touch, her parameters change.
3 parameters included:

The ending will change depending on her parameters.

10 endings included
7 adult events

Adult endings are all animated!
Each end has its own individual animation!
An adult-only experience you won’t see in a regular game!

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Ephebophilia? As a genre, tag, whatever? Maybe it’s just me but I feel like that is inaccurate since these are digital characters. Isn’t loli/shota enough for tags there regarding age?

Also why is it Ephebophilia/Shonen-ai? Shonen-ai translates as boy love/male love(male equivalent of shoujo-ai), so formatting it like that indicates that they’re one and the same, which they clearly aren’t.

we need Uncensored


you can change to english in the configuration settings


Does someone know how to unlock the second ending? The indifferent one? The tip says to complete the survey without doing anything. So I say get me out of here and leave but I don’t seem to unlock it.


There? I see only sound settings.



In the game on the bottom Left there is a Option Button from the Menu Screen. Click that.
The First black box is the in game settings. Click that.
There’s a drop down box that says language. Select Engrish and Plofit


I need help at the second endings, no mater I do it just went back the first endings ;-;