[SLG] NTR Legend Final_Ver 1.0.2 [Multi Languages]

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Developer: GoldenBoy
Release: Jul/31/2020
Last Modified: Jul/18/2022
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Male Protagonist, Cross-section View, Dot/Pixel, Cuckoldry (Netorare), Cuckoldry (Netori), Ahegao/Gapeface, Upskirt/Spy Photo, Corrupted Morals
File Size: 709 MB

The married woman next door gets sexually teased during her part-time cleaning job in this pixel-art simulation game.
Become Kuzuo, otherwise known as “The Disaster”, and show her a new kind of happiness!

Yuzuki was living a happy newlywed life, and decided to save up some money for her 1-year marriage anniversary.
Noticing that her neighbor was pretty messy, she offered to help clean up their house as a part-time job.
However, the guy who lived next door was no ordinary man.
He is known as “The Disaster” for his home-wrecking abilities.
How will Yuzuki fair when she steps into this lion’s den?

●Final_Ver 1.02

○ bug fix
– Phenomenon that the urination button disappears
– Phenomenon that the camera switch button occurs when idle play
-If the idle play fails, the part where the language is different (from Japanese)
-Phenomenon of homeless people remaining after H in the park
– Phenomenon where it was possible to move the map during H in the park toilet or secret club
-Phenomenon that climax gauge does not rise when unlocking with LOCK in H state
– Phenomenon that hypnotic climax count was not applied to save
– Phenomenon where SM’s bed marks did not appear from the next day
– Phenomenon that the total number of cleanings was not applied
– Phenomenon of idle play characters disappearing when saving in the park toilet and loading
-Bug related to passerby images in idle play
-Phenomenon that could not be called from the toilet in the park at night

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when change to english language the game cannnot start or crash
any solution?


Tuyệt vời các bạn ạ. Cơ mà tôi đổi sang eng nó tự động crash <(“)


Frankly frustrating this game, no button to exit this f-cking store, you buy and you get stuck, we can scroll down the list of items, nothing allows you to exit.



Jeff Walker Jr.

Which game engine rpg maker or another?


Pure gold, plus some bugs when you visit the neighbor and decide to piss off the wife, or the time the sex store mini-game was brutally accelerated.




Aside from the bugs and glitches, this game is GOLD, with a lot of potential, and the author is planning to expand it by introducing outdoor activities (molest the wife in a public bus or toilet)

Fernando villalobos

Excuse me, I have a question, can the character’s skin be changed? Because I’ve been trying it on the costume machine and it won’t let me select it.


What is now with the author of the game? Does anyone know why there are no updates?


The author has recently posted an update about working on a new version of the game 


If you like this game, there is this game on Kickstarter under development that is basically the same game with different characters and stuff but with a more detailed story (as they stated)
The closed beta is running these days. The official release is 25th December 2021
You can check the game here


Last edited 2 years ago by Andrea11564

theres a new version and it would be greatly appreciated if you guys upload it


Oh btw! Golden Boy just posted a Bugfix for the Ver. 1.0.1 especially on the part where the game crashes when you Save Game.


There is a game inspired by this one with just as much potential called ntraholic. Let’s just put it this way, each has their strong and weak points but I enjoyed both. Didn’t see it here so I figured I would mention it. If it’s here and I missed it sorry in advance.


There’s and update, so please, update the game.


So,.. Is this the FIXED Version?


how to trigger H scene in bathroom and toilet?