[SLG] NTR Legend ver.0.4.17 [English-Machine Translated]

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Developer: GoldenBoy
Release: 2020-07-31
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Male Protagonist, NTR, Vaginal sex, Sex toys, Dot Pixel, Cucoldry, Internal view
File Size: 227 MB

Thanks ryuuzou for the files.
Internet connection is required for the auto-translation to work.

Yuzuki is in need of money for her upcoming wedding anniversary.
Then she saw her neighbor looking troubled about the garbages.
Having confidence in her cleaning ability, she offer to do some cleaning for him for a pay
However, Kuzuoka Kuzuoka, was not an ordinary man, he (you) is known as family destroyer/The Disaster
What is her fate of entering her feet in the territory of a man who has led many families to ruin?​

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good game but short.


hey how do you get the key into there house? im maxed everything i just dont know how to get the key


Buy the cat furniture at amazon, them talk to the cat outside every morning, he eventualy will give you the key.


How to get into her house? Already have the key btw

Last edited 5 days ago by wholuvsmilk

you need to call Yuzuki to you`re house then go to the door and you can go to her house only morning or evening 🙂


anyone got a full save file for this? also really dont know how to get this key lol, i saw the comment about the cat furnature but i dont even see that in the game
edit: Never mind, cat just gave it me you just gotta feed them

Last edited 5 days ago by cyborg

nice pixel game (y)


noob here, how do you win her for 1st time?


Why is my mouse locked to the middle of the screen on this game?