[SLG] The Demon’s Stele & The Dog Princess ver.1.03 [JP-EN-CH-Uncen]

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Circle: HappyLambBarn
Release: Jul/24/2020
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Touch/Feel, Anime, Fantasy, Vanilla Sex, Tsundere, Loli, Queen/Princess, Animal Ears
File Size: 247 MB

Thanks Brainz for sharing the file

Walkthrough & Changelog – Click the walkthrough tab on the top left

Saving the princess from a demon’s hands just like in fairy tales!
You will be dueling your soul competing against a demon who was accidentally awaken by mistake!

As a hero, you are risking your life for none other, but the princess of this kingdom!
She was cursed by the demon into puppy looking, and she needs your help!
In order to be changed back to human, the princess will agree to any of your requests, even the lewd and hentai ones!
While you go on your quest of defeating demon, use the magic — “Dialogue Decision” to obtain her heart,
and your magnificent sex skills to conquer her body!

You get to make the decision for the princess’s future!
You can have her as a pet or have her as your bride…Make sure you choose wisely!

◆Demon’s challenge
The demon in the stele will be competing Match It with you testing your memory skill!
Ain’t nobody got time for that, you said?
Worry not! You can always use the skill point system to assist you to crush that demon like a soda can!

◆Sex system
This is a first person view touching simulation flash game,
you will be diving into 30 frames per second animation to enjoy all kinds of caress and penetrations!
Our game contains convenient functions such as auto button
and a switch for character arm change base on the penetration speed!

◆MWS (Magic Word System)
Our game uses a whole new kind of conversation system that
allows players to truly use dialogue decision to affect their H-GAME experience.

Try using dialogue decisions such as 「Cheer」,「Mean」 ,
and 「Praise」to affect the princess and win her trust!
You will be experiencing different character moments every time you play!

◆Voice resource
Tiger Lily / CV: Momoka Yuzuki

◆BGM resource
Amacha Music Studio

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For anyone wondering, ITS possible to get ENDING 2 or ENDING 3 in just DAY 1 alone. Insult and undress comments makes the heart purple enough to unlock the 4th heart and if fully purple it gives access to 5th heart if used with collar.

Last edited 12 days ago by Fubaki Chan

can you say more exactly how to get 5th star? I had full purple hearts, they wouldn’t get any more purple, and I spent 2 days, with only naked+collar, and crown since I never managed to get it off


Copy and paste of my own post: You can unlock third ending on the first day too, dont say to her kind words, on the first heart say words like “How are you feeling” or “Do you like that” you can say words to make her undress too, but i use them on the second heart, when you have half second heart you can start to say to her harsh word (say them when she is cumming and you will gain more purple on the hearts) keep going like this until you have 4 hearts, when you reach full 4th… Read more »

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okay sorry, I kinda fucked up and didn’t realize what collar… next question…. how the actual fuck do you give her the collar? I have full obey, and 4 stars, and have like done 2 days of talking, and haven’t found any option. unless if there’s a special requirement for giving it to her?


ooohhhh… yeah nevermind, fouind it out


how the fuck tho?


Can anyone enlighten me with what’s new with 1.02? Currently have 1.01 and it already feels complete…

…unless oral and anal were added.


New: Another method to reach hearth 5th (not mentioned)

Fixed a bug where the quilt button would disappear when Princess Day2 was sleeping in HEART4

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i got 2 things that still locked in sex scene,
1 at upper right and 1 at the bottom of you either choose she still a virgin or not.
how do you unlocked it ?


You need to unlock all the endings and first ending in human and dog state, human state is easy cum inside her with less than 4 hearts, dog state is easy too never cum inside her and let it pass the 3 days, you can have third ending in human and dog state too these one are the more easy to obtain, cum inside her for human state cum outside for dog state.

Last edited 11 days ago by Sword

Thank you! I redid the 3rd ending but made her human and it unlocked those 2 things, it was bothering me so much.


How can I use the collar???


Right side of the screen and use it when she has 4 purple hearts (since she’ll call the guards if you use it without the 4 purple hearts)


You must take the collar when she show it in dialogue.


How do we steal tho? I have hold click and nothing happen and if we are success stealing the collar, is there a sign for the notice?


I don’t know why, but it doesn’t work, after replace game doesn’t load save


The location for the save file is:
C:\Users\*USERNAME*\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\*Random letters*\localhost

Make sure to replace the * * with the ones that should be in your own address.
Shortcut for going into the App data folder is to type in %AppData%

You have to place HLB03_Core_1.02.sol in that folder.


did as you wrote, but the game doesn’t recognize your save, only mine


You do have to make sure that the game version you are on matches your save. If you are on the 1.0 version of the game then the save will be HLB03_Core_1.0.sol If you are on 1.01 then it will be HLB03_Core_1.01.sol And if you are on the latest version which should be 1.02 then it will be HLB03_Core_1.02.sol I have played all the versions and my localhost has a save for each one of the versions so you have to make sure that you match the save with the version you are using. I have tested this on different… Read more »


Same here doesn’t work.


Can you please port this game to android


It’s decent, shame the guys patreon got banned cause of some loser snitching on twitter


what happen?


Not sure if i can post the guy, it is public. But the dev posted on his blog that this guy reported him right before his patreon got banned https://twitter.com/targoz12/status/1287788529624309764



Last edited 10 days ago by Lurking Troll

can we just report this piece of shit?


doubt it, maybe let other supportive accounts aware or something. His patreon had no loli stuff whatsoever, it was blank and he still got banned


the reporter, i mean.


A loser sack of shit commie. Did you see the guys home page?


Apparently the twitter guy report the game author’s patreon because he is Taiwanese and he say something dislike the Chinese (not 100% sure). Typical Chinese commie behavior. But is so fucking stupid Patreon banning fictional porn just because the character looks like a minor.


Damn, not gonna lie the happy ending kinda hit me in the heart, got me in my feels


is it possible to fuck her ass?


I have apk (porting) for this game but FPS 7-9 :’v shit


Hope you guys can port his game to android


i found an android version. heres the link. [*link to other download sites not allowed*]

Last edited 6 days ago by Fap For Fun - Free Hentai Download

just tried it.. it’s uncensored..


& with cheats


Running on 10fps using an emulator though, so it’s hard to even penetrate


well im using pc.. i just extracted the files..


extract the asset folder then use flash player projector to play it without using emulator on your pc.. it’s the dev build version that’s why it has cheats.


This game is too annoying and the walkthrough is confusing.


where do i put the file sir?


Copy/paste m1.swf to /lib/ folder




What is the password guys?


Need a help,,
How do we steal the collar and is there a sign if the collar has been stolen successfully?


just skip the dialogue when it appear the 1st time, you need to click it when it appear in second time (the dialogue between the demon and the princess after you finish the puzzle )
The sign should be appear when you select the level and fill the stats

Last edited 4 days ago by Anie Mevushal

So the day when he was going to give out the uncensored version is here, did anybody get and can they share?


What’s new at 1.03??


uncen and minor patch mybe

Last edited 2 days ago by azmijaka

Really love this HappyLambBarn game, but I’m having difficulty with understanding a few things. First off how do you get more than 3 red hearts on day 1,2 or 3 ? Each time I try to increase it further it just maxes out on the currently filling one, and never gives me a fourth or a fifth. With the MWS system [Cheer] doesn’t seem to always work the way you expect with nothing but mean replies, also [Praise] seems to have a similar effect of her reply being just “/////” however being [Mean] seems to always drive you down the… Read more »


I’m going to try and explain to you. My English is not the best, but i hope you understand it well enough. Day 1 – As far as i get it, you can only get 4 heart on day one. But you should not care about it. Try to get 3 hearts, that should be enough. Make sure you take her virginity but DO NOT CUM INSIDE. If you cum inside you get Ending 1 (Bad Ending). Make sure you cum outside and you are good to go. Also: DO NOT PRESENT THE COLLAR TO THE PRINCESS. She’ll call the… Read more »

Last edited 21 hours ago by MadScientist

Thank you MadScientist, this really sorts out how to progress in this little game quite a lot. Oh and I appreciate the effort and time it took to write this even if you believe this wasn’t perfect grammar usage (it looked 99% perfectly fine to me)


im having 7-10 fps. is there any fix for this?