[SLG] The Demon’s Stele & The Dog Princess ver.1.03 [JP-EN-CH-Uncen]

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Circle: HappyLambBarn
Release: Jul/24/2020
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Touch/Feel, Anime, Fantasy, Vanilla Sex, Tsundere, Loli, Queen/Princess, Animal Ears
File Size: 247 MB

Thanks Brainz for sharing the file

Walkthrough & Changelog – Click the walkthrough tab on the top left

Saving the princess from a demon’s hands just like in fairy tales!
You will be dueling your soul competing against a demon who was accidentally awaken by mistake!

As a hero, you are risking your life for none other, but the princess of this kingdom!
She was cursed by the demon into puppy looking, and she needs your help!
In order to be changed back to human, the princess will agree to any of your requests, even the lewd and hentai ones!
While you go on your quest of defeating demon, use the magic — “Dialogue Decision” to obtain her heart,
and your magnificent sex skills to conquer her body!

You get to make the decision for the princess’s future!
You can have her as a pet or have her as your bride…Make sure you choose wisely!

◆Demon’s challenge
The demon in the stele will be competing Match It with you testing your memory skill!
Ain’t nobody got time for that, you said?
Worry not! You can always use the skill point system to assist you to crush that demon like a soda can!

◆Sex system
This is a first person view touching simulation flash game,
you will be diving into 30 frames per second animation to enjoy all kinds of caress and penetrations!
Our game contains convenient functions such as auto button
and a switch for character arm change base on the penetration speed!

◆MWS (Magic Word System)
Our game uses a whole new kind of conversation system that
allows players to truly use dialogue decision to affect their H-GAME experience.

Try using dialogue decisions such as 「Cheer」,「Mean」 ,
and 「Praise」to affect the princess and win her trust!
You will be experiencing different character moments every time you play!

◆Voice resource
Tiger Lily / CV: Momoka Yuzuki

◆BGM resource
Amacha Music Studio

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Your file didn’t work for me. Here’s a different version of the 1.03 save, worked perfectly:





How can i do to open ending 3 of this one. I played many many times but I haven’t known how open it.


Guys in order to get the 3rd Ending (Collar), you have to go back to the first night. Step by step here. 1 Go back to Day 1. The Cursed Princess 2 Make to have all skill maxed out (best way to gather points is to grind on the 3rd night) 3 Skip through the texts until the dog collar icon pops out, continue a bit further into the texts until the dog collar moves to the right a little bit and CLICK ON IT. 4 Skip through all until you reach the bed/interactive part. 5 Touch her, but don’t… Read more »

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