[SLG] Carnal Desires [English]

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Circle: kumao
Release: Jul/30/2020
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Cross-section View, Internal Cumshot, Pregnancy/Impregnation, Childbirth, Restraint, Captivity, Student, Pregnant Woman
File Size: 185.04MB

You play Fat ugly High school student who comes across one of his bullies who has become stuck in a wall while trying to take a shortcut home. Rather then helping her out, you decide to take your revenge on her.​

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how do you get the good ending? the holes always empty on day 4 for me no matter what


To get pass the day 4, you need the belt and cardboard blinds or whatever you call it
once you get it they both required 2 action point use, lastly you need to feed her every 3 days or she’ll lose weight and escape


Guys… I managed to restrain her until de 20th day, however I got the bad ending.

How do you get the good one?


game is good i think…but i have no idea what is going on, is there any eng patch?


so i got the good ending think ya gotta grab the cardboard n belt before day 4 and get the chains nails and hammer before day 7 after that just get her preg before day 20 while keeping her fed n what not. all that’s left is for someone to figure out n post the code caus i don’t speak a lick of Japanese so my only option is to brute force the thing


Where do you find the chains and nails, i cant seem to find them.


both should be in the top 2 left most rooms in the group of buildings on the right but i think they’re locked gotta search certain rooms before hand to get the item. just keep notes on what each room has and trial and error yer way through it or just do what i did and use cheat engine to get like 200 energy and grab everything in one to 2 days depends on if i remember what room has the monster in it.


How did you cheat in the energy? I can’t find it in my cheat engine.


how to get her preg before day 20?


Where do you find the chains and nails, i cant seem to find them.


here is the code for mysterious box


How do you input anything in to the box ? whenever im in the good end screen i can’t press anything and no keyboard inputs do anything.


To unlock the birthing mode, you need to edit register
Go to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\DefaultCompany\肉遊び
Add a new DWORD value with key “Data1_h208641956”
Set it to 2.


This worker, i was actually thinking about editing registry my self but im to stupid to know where it was stored and what i was even supposed to edit.

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which option is the one to feed her?


if ya got a phone just download google translate and use the instant translator thingy should be able to get the gist of what shit says


dont have a phone what option down the line is it?


So I have a few things to try and help out: -Dirty translation of main menu -Location guide -Dirty translation of Win/loose objectives -What is in each box -the Hazard can be bought one time. Lets you know the ‘dangerous days’ -Sperm strength gets maxed out on Lv. 6 -Site width maxes out on Lv. 6 -By using the ‘Inducor’ , she is set into an ‘easily pregnant’ state; forced eggs no longer applies & dangerous day tracker changes to ‘easily impregnate’ -She must be fed every 3days or she will become skinny enough to escape -If she gets pregnant… Read more »

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sorry my english, but this is normal … it doesn’t come out of this.

Nova Imagem de Bitmap.jpg

ops … Solved … just delete the regedit records for the game.
in the same location as the “Tdsam” user mentioned above.

the error occurred after I forced a different resolution on properties.
(using Google translator)


Here’s a map to help others out. Also, the last item in the left side of the shop menu that costs 2 desire is the feed option, it also has a number of days since she last ate in the description box.


Guys how do you feed her?


How do you keep the sperm sealed with the kokeshi doll. I’ve tried leaving it there but it doesn’t work.


At the risk of sounding like an entitled prick, is there one with a better translation?


You’ll have to have plenty of patience to play this one. I dropped it, specially since the translation doesn’t make sense sometimes, it requires too much stuff to keep her stuck in the hole and there’s some weird bugs.


where is the secret box?


So…is anyone else having an issue where the game skips days on you? You’re on day 9 then after you use all your moves its on day 11?