[RPG] Exorcist Shrine Maiden Inaho ~Tale of Adulterous Intercourse~ ver.1.00 [English-Machine Translated]

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Circle: Zeton Poison
Release: Jun/06/2020
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Ahegao/Gapeface, Cheating/Adultery, Cuckoldry (Netorare), Orgy Sex, Married Woman, Shrine Maiden, Big Breasts, Pubic Hair/Armpit Hair
File Size: 569 MB

Full save included

[Protagonist profile]
Name: Inaho Tamo
Age: 32

An exorcist shrine maiden of the Tamo shrine.
Loved by all for her kind demeanor.
Due to her shrine’s beliefs, she must let all of her bodily hair grow out.
Furthermore, there is only one sacred maiden outfit that has been passed down in her family.
Although her massive breasts stick out of it, she must wear it.
She’s also sweats a lot, so she gives off a certain scent.
Her husband has a limp dick.
However, she knows all about fellatio, anal sex and the like from her old boyfriend.

One day, Inaho is called upon to exterminate a demon that has broken free of its seal.
However, she is instantly defeated by it! She is savagely raped, and cursed to become horny every night.
The curse forces her to fuck spirits, random men from the village, shotas, and even her ex-boyfriend.
Will she be able to find a way to destroy the demon, and undo this terrible curse?

[H scenes]

Genres: Shota breastfuck, anal, double penetration, orgy, ass in the wall, cow cosplay milking sex, etc.

9 base CG + pose art
Approx. 180 CG total including variations

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Meanwhile I’m just here waiting for the Futanari Dark Elf one by Zeton Poison to get uploaded here.