[RPG] Avenger Princess Michel [English]

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Avenger Princess Michel~復讐の姫ミシェル~

Circle: Chanpuru X
Release: Dec/29/2019
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Internal Cumshot, Violation, Rape, Loli, Tiny Breasts, Large Cock, Animated, Combat, Creampie, Female protagonist, Group sex, Male domination, Multiple endings, Oral sex, Vaginal sex
File Size: 326.33MB

— Prologue

Tenga kingdom princess Michelle was lovers with the army head officer Carlo.
The two deeply loved each other.

In disturbance, Neighboring country Vienyela’s commander Zeal invaded Tenga.

Zeal was fond of the flat breast lolita princess Michelle. He wanted her in his hands.
Zeal used his mythical spell to summon the ancient dragon
and overwhelmed the Tenga kingdom with it’s force.

Michelle was defeated by the Ancient dragon…
And was shortly imprisoned thereafter.

However, she succeeds in escaping thanks to her allies; Shalo and Amelia.
Michelle’s revenge towards Zeal now begins!

— Flat breast lolita knight princess

The brave princess collapses in defeat to be raped until abyss.
Endless rape, interrogation… etc

Can the lolita knight princess Michelle overcome the torment of embarrassment and complete her revenge?

— Our sales point

The game has multiple endings depending on Karlo’s survival.

The game system is user-friendly, including Michelle’s communication with her bright allies Shalo and Amelia.

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I wouldn’t recommend the game purely for the lack of sex scenes. If you’re just looking for a loli H game with loads of scenes, you’ll be disappointed. There’s like… less than 10 here. And they’re all very, VERY short.