Very Important! Please Read!!

As you might already knew by now, My patreon page got suspended and probably gone for good. I don’t want to make a long explanation why but you can read about this madness on Mantis-X post
This become a serious sitaution for me because the survivability of the blog is heavily relied on supports from you guys.

So what’s next?
I have to find a new place. And SubscribeStar is great. Everything is very similar to Patreon. Except they only accept credit card, no paypal.
If you like this blog, please continue to support me there. Aside from survivability of the blog. More supports also mean more unique stuffs I can find for you guys. (As you guys knew I sometimes bought stuffs from DLsite If I couldn’t find them anywhere.)

Other Options:
Have paypal but no credit card – use Pixiv Fanbox (Get reward in our discord server)
No credit card / paypal? – donate via Skrill to (Get reward in our discord server)
You can also buy rewards from previous months on Gumroad

Read More info on PREMIUM Page

Hope you guys will continue to support me. The survivability of the blog is depend on this.
Thank you very much. You guys are awesome!

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Patreon is getting shittier these days, i realized it since Mantix-X is not available on Patreon


Don’t loose heart! We’re rooting for you!


Man. Talk about a yikes.


Pretty sad, because I have (or had) to use paypal as I don’t have a credit card so i can’t use the new site.


It be a real shame if this was lost, before I knew about this place I used to check out leonX blog, until I found out what an idiot he really is so I left, but I’ll understand if you have to leave and wish you all the best in life don’t forget to wash your hands and stay safe. Just in case…. Thanks for everything, and especially for not being like that weirdo LeonX.


Do not be sad. Such events always occur every now and then. But know that we are always with you.❤


if this website goes down, I will recreate the airport level from MW2 in real life

remember, no russian

damn it patreon!