[RPG] Whorecraft Collection [English-Uncen]

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Developer: Auril3D
Release: 2013 – 2019
Work Format: RPG
File Size: 23.7 GB

1. To start games please use OST_Game.exe which located in \OST_Game\Binaries\Win64\
2. False Positive with some anti-virus like Avira

WhoreCraft (Chronicles of Alexstrasza) is a series of story driven episodes which tells you about adventure of Daemia and hardship which she faces on her long road of adventure.

Tails of Azeroth is a series of episodic games based on its highly popular MMORPG inspirer. Each of these episodes is dedicated to an independent story of specific characters, while still following the same narrative. There are 4 complete games, and another one is currently under development.

XXXMas are bonus games unrelated to the central storyline that offer a different perspective on certain characters during various Xmas scenarios. 4 short episodes altogether.

It offers a number of features, some of which are:
Аn original story, featuring all the sexiest ladies and hunkiest men from Azeroth.
Top quality, well optimized graphics and responsive, easy-to-pick-up third person view gameplay made possible by Unreal Engine 4.
Tons of erotic gameplay in a saga spanning multi episodes.
In addition to the latest beta version, all the previous Tails are available for the subscribers to download.

List of Episodes:
WhoreCraft (Chronicles of Alexstrasza)
Chapter 1 Episode 1 (Remake)
Chapter 1 Episode 2
Chapter 1 Episode 3
Chapter 1 Episode 4
Chapter 1 Episode 5
Chapter 2 Episode 1
Chapter 2 Episode 1b Prologue
Chapter 2 Episode 2
Chapter 2 Episode 3
Chapter 2 Episode 4 Epilogue

Tails of Azeroth
Chapter 1 Archmage Alori
Chapter 2 Blue is Better
Chapter 3 Lewd Red Riding Hoof
Chapter 4 Joyous Reunion

XXXmas 1 (2013)
XXXmas 2 (2014)
XXXmas 3 (2015)
XXXmas 4 (2016)
XXXmas 5 (2017)
XXXmas 6 (2018)
XXXmas 7 (2019)

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My antivirus and virustotal is lighitng up like crazy for some of these exe’s. All just false positives?


Soo i get an error wen opening the file. Says thats a file is missing. help


Love this series, thank you!


thank you


Great work bro! there are more episodes on the Auril website, if you want you can add so that everything is straight in one 🙂 I have 2 problems: 1 this is all that after 1 episode Tails of Azeroth is not saved on F5, the second is that there is no OST game in the chronicles, but that file exe is shown to me as a trojan.


Great set guys. EVERY game reverts it’s settings to default on reopening, and the very first game I tried failed to continue after 2 minutes with all options doing NOTHING breaking the game. Great stuff guys.


Oh and thanks for having it reset my other window settings and move them all to top left including off my other monitor when I change the settings each time (because, you know, you have to), or if you use alt-enter. That’s just fekking brilliant. What a great frigging product.