[3D Hentai] Re: Underground Idol X Raised In R*peture ver.2020-06-26 (Full+Video) [JP-EN-CH]

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Circle: Nylon heart
Release: Jun/03/2020
File Format: EXE, MP4
Genre: Clothed, Ahegao/Gapeface, 3D Works, Girl, Loli, School Swimwear, Tiny Breasts, Slender
File Size: 1.11 GB

Same Series: Underground Idol X Raised In R*peture -Dear Fans, I Am Sorry-

“Hochika” is an underground idol on the rise to fame.
Despite the pleasant smile she shows on stage, back at the office, she lets the popularity get to her head and refuses to do as she’s told.
One day, she finally falls for her fed-up, perverted manager’s trap.
Bursting with sexual frustration, it’s time for Manager to start showing her how to behave!​

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You can rename .exe to .zip and extract data folder with all videos, images and sounds 😉


It’s in JP. No English? RIP me.


Found that DLsite released the English version yesterday. Hope it came here soon.


Thank You , my lord


Please upload the English Version soon Thanks :^)


can you get Cross-section Add-on Pack for this to ?


Thanks for the english version, it must have been hard to find.


Reviewing hentai time. Hm, after playing through both this and the old (non Re) version (thanks for the upload btw), I have to say, I think the old one’s better. This one does have better animation and lighting, but the costume designs feel a bit lacking. You don’t have sex with her in full idol outfit, and the most of the scenes she has bare feet (I don’t have a foot fetish). There’s no squirting scene like the old one. Also the manager guy’s skintone got like 10 shades darker, especially around his penis. The ending scene was just a… Read more »

Last edited 28 days ago by HibikiRekka

When i launch the .exe file, a nw.js app popped out and displayed nw.js. just that, how do i fix this?