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Circle: Tsukudaninosato
Release: Jun/04/2019
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Breasts, Prostitution/Paid Dating, Coercion/Compulsion, Bunny Girl, Big Breasts
File Size: 387.87MB


The busty sheriff “Cattleya” was found unconscious
and saved by two siblings who owned a gun shop.
After finding out that they owed a substantial debt,
she felt obligated to help them pay it back.
Will she be able to help pay back their debt?
And why did Cattleya come to this town in the first place?


* * Debt and loan sharks * *
Using her position as a sheriff, Cattleya decides
that she will hunt down to loan sharks and reap the
bounty on them to pay back their debt.
Use the warrants for their arrest to search for them
in the fields and dungeons.

* * The cursed gun “W.S.” and it’s aphrodisiac powers * *
Cattleya’s “W.S.” gun is cursed, and in exchange for its power,
it comes with an aphrodisiac effect.
This side-effect will put her in a state of arousal,
and she may even end up masturbating mid-combat!
If you don’t want her to get too horny, hit instead of shoot!

* * Debt and lewd jobs * *
She can masturbate to lower her arousal levels,
but there are also lewd jobs that can be unlocked
by progressing sub-stories.
Raise Cattleya’s arousal levels to view various scenes
and earn lots of money.

* * Go on the offense * *
Though Cattleya is in debt, you can neglect paying it back
and send her into the “enemy” lair to fight instead.
* A bonus play. Contains little bonus content/rewards.

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Alfred Zans

Hi guys, I have one problem, before the 2 call of the phone and in the battle the game just stuck in the enemy’s atack, some help whit this please

Jonathan Joestar

Game seems to be bugged, don’t bother downloading.