[Others] Night crawling is really dodgy! [English]

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Circle: Almonds & Big Milk
Release: Jan/12/2020
Work Format: Others Game
Genre: Touch/Feel, Breasts, Sleep Sex, Blowjob/Fellatio, Short Hair, Big Breasts
File Size: 108.14MB

** Story

The main character is a virgin stay-at-home “otaku”. His job is home security.
By chance, his father remarried and made a new family.

..Sister-in-law. Of course, her eyes were cold when she looked at me…and violent.
However, I both gasped and struggled with my sister-in-law in my new family.
My sister-in-law’s sharp tongue was like a pressure point for me.

Then one day, I could not stand it any longer, and I determined to go out night crawling on day X in month X in year 20XX.
If I got caught I would be looked at even more coldly and may get punched and kicked.
I had to have sex with her without waking her up.

** Sakurako Hashi B95/W57/H88 Huge tits

My sister-in-law always said harsh things to me like “Die” or “Get out of the way”.
She was both violent and very proud.

*”Ooh..ahh! What the fuck you doing arsehole…I will kill you!!” (CV: Shiori Manaka)

** Game content

Click the girl with the mouse to have some fun.
You must not wake her up.
There are icons for licking, fondling, plucking or inserting.
If you engage in touching, the parameters go up.

In other words, if you explode with your lust in one fell sweep, she will definitely wake up.
Do not give in to lust, and repeat gentle and clammy touching. Make sure you succeed in your night crawling.

Make your sister-in-law. Sex her up and give her some juicy love.

** System

Real-time touching game
The parameters and response change based on the places you can touch and go for.
Go for your sister-in-law as she changes in real-time.

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