[Shooter] GOUBAKURAN -RumbleStorm- (JP)

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Circle: StudioS
Release: Apr/20/2019
Work Format: Shooter
Genre: Successive Orgasms, Fiendish/Brutal, Machine Sex, Torture, Ryona/Brutal
File Size: 191.66MB

* Story
Due to attacks by mechanical creatures that suddenly emerged,
humanity is now on the edge of extinction…

In a state-of-the-art fighter named XEX, which converts the pilot’s intense emotion
at the time of sexual orgasm into energy, Reika rushes into the core of the enemy force…
During the battle, however, her partner Yui who developed XEX falls into captivity.
Yui is going to undergo hellish sexual disciplines in machines…

* Includes:
Electrocution, stun gun in vagina, successive orgasm, nipples, clitoris expansion,
double penetration, directly stimulating the nervous system associated with pleasure

Fully Voiced + Animated H Demo Scene
Demo Scene Viewer included!

* If the game does not operate due to the lack of dll, please install:

– VC2015 Redistributable
– VC2013 Redistributable
– VC2012 Redistributable
– VC2010 Redistributable

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