[ACT] Kana-chan is a Magical Girl ~If Her Transformation is Seen…~ ver.1.7.0 (JP) [PC/Android]

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Circle: ESORA-T
Release: Apr/05/2020
Work Format: Action
Genre: Woman’s Viewpoint , Female Protagonist, Pregnancy/Impregnation, Interspecies Sex, Loli , Transforming Girl, Magical Girl, Virgin Female
File Size: 655 MB

Kana is a magical girl who transforms with the push of a button.
However, bad things happen if she’s spotted during her change.
An action game with 7 areas, 65 stages, hard difficulty option, and creampie rape!

Press the [Z] key, or the transform button to turn into a magical girl,
but be warned, bad events will occur if anyone sees…
Events and variations can be viewed in the Gallery.
The Gallery fully unlocks after game completion.

Kana is a magical girl fighting to protect her town from evil.
But the most important thing to protect is her personal information!
If the bad guys find out her identity, only blackmail and rape await.
She must conceal her identity while searching for their evil research facility.
Can she save the town and her purity?

– Blackmail sex
– Undone transformation
– Transformation failure (naked)
– Creampie
– Sleep sex
– Time-stop
– Preg-body
– Prostitution
– and much more!

* Includes text branches that depend on your sexual experience!
* Virginity variations (Complete, Non-transformation virgin, deflowered)
* Sexual experience variations (Don’t know, have done it, do it every day)
* Maxed impregnation count variations.

* Made in RPG TKool MV.

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Egor Satim

And… How to download on Android?




Será bueno ya quiero jugarlo


Como lo descargo


How i play in android….