[3D Hentai] Super Assistant Momo-tan!

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Circle: potato mine
Release: Mar/14/2020
File Format: MP4 / MP3 format
Genre: 3D Works, Ear Cleaning, Lovey Dovey/Sweet Love, Bukkake, Loli, Tsurupeta, Stretch/Expansion
File Size: 4.81GB

The second figure-sized loli assistant movie!

Momo-tan loves sweets, and she loves being sweet to you!
She’s a little short, so she might need to stand on her toes, but she’ll
do her best to satisfy! That include sexually, too… even if you’re her first.

Main video A (16 minutes 41 seconds):
“Bro-bro, welcome home~!”
Your warm and sweet relationship with Momo-tan takes a sudden turn!
She usually gets rewards, but now it’s your turn. Eating sweets, getting into the bath together…
Enjoy her soothing cuteness.

Main video B (17 minutes 58 seconds):
“Momo-tan’s got a favor to ask…”
Momo-tan really wants to try cleaning you ears, so she gives it all she’s got!
Enjoy her first binaural ear cleaning experience with headphones!

Main video C (60 minutes 38 seconds)
“Let’s mate! Let’s do it!”
Momo-tan’s not sure why her body’s getting so hot after the ear cleaning… so she starts masturbating.
When she gets found out by you, her big brother, she gets made to do all sorts of embarrassing stuff!
Bukkake, masturbating with an electric drill, and finally, sex that rocks her tiny body!
Enjoy her more sexual side!

Approximately 97 minutes
5 parts (Main videos + opening and ending)
Includes all voice cuts.+ mp3 data for opening, ending, and voices/SFX + bonus track from the voice actress
126 looping animations (65 base, 75 variations)
HQ Resolution: 1280×720 (Half HD)

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