[SLG] Psycho Hentai Masochist Noel-chan Gets Raped in the 3D Space (JP)

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Circle: Baked Strontium
Release: Apr/26/2018
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Abnormal/Perverted, 3D Works, Restraint, Gut Punch, Torture, Ryona/Brutal
File Size: 637MB

To deliver pains to and r*pe a psycho hentai masochist Noel-chan.
This is what you do in this real-time 3D game.

You can change the angle to see Noel-chan’s ryona (cruelty) and sex freely!

In addition to five situations shown in the previous work,
this time two more completely new situations are added!
Existing situations: hammer, whipping, hanged & f*cked, hot brand, spanking with a bat
Added situations: trampling with a large tire, belly torture with a log

Even more plays added to the last work that was released with the biggest volume ever!
We have made improvements in the fundamental system that deliver
freedom of camera angle. It is far more flexible than in the previous work!
Anime-style toon shading and light source options are loaded!

This work is intended as well to welcome those who do not have ryona inclinations.
Does not contain any mortally hard ryona scenes such as murder, dissection, screams and cries of pain etc.

Scenes are free from sorrowful feelings. Win-win violations for all.
Haven’t yet been aware of your inner ryona kinks? This is the gate to the ryona.
Please enjoy Noel-chan (CV: kokko)’s charming voices in her suffering pleasure!

* Controls
Easy controls with buttons on the screen.
Drugging left mouse button to adjust the angle around.
Arrow keys (or WASD keys) to move.
123 keys to set the sight directed to Noel-chan.

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