[SLG] The NEET, The Angel, and the Ecchi Family ver.1.13.D&F (English)

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Circle: rainbowbambi
Released: Dec/18/2020 – Feb/01/2023
Product format: Simulation
Genre: 3D Works, Girl, Loli, Mature Woman / MILF, Foot Job, Facial Cumshot, Internal Cumshot, Breast Sex, Mother, Living Together, Bukkake, Tsurupeta
File size: 5.76 GB

Because you can’t apply both DL & FZ versions into the same game folder.
You need to extract the main game to 2 separate folders and then apply DL and FZ patches separately.
To apply the patch, copy the bambiproject.tpatch file from ver.1.10.D or ver.1.10.F into the main game folder then run the game.
**If you update from 1.10 to 1.13, make sure to delete the file name “update” in the main game folder too or the game will not be updated.
Also, check the comment section below for the machine translation patch.

Overview (Google Translated):
One day an angel appeared to an NEET!
“Have you live together with another person”
A human NEET escape plan to also exercise!
This is the game which a main character remakes magnificently…?

Be Love games making friends with the family who lived together in the house of the main character

If good sensitivity is finished, can tempt you into Dating
Of course as for the further thing…

■Movie Mode
The replay of the H scene is possible with a recollection mode
As have been freed all, there comes to be rukoga judging from a beginning
Be custom possibilities with a turn to like as there is the thing which can choose a gasp voice in Kinds of the Videos

ver 1.13
〇Excuse condition relaxation
〇 Shizue’s hot spring trip paizuri video added
〇 Hot spring travel guide
〇Fixed flashback scene video

Ver 1.10
〇 Riko-chan
Wet dream scene/park/manga cafe/movie/hot spring trip/go missionary position/begging sex
Gym clothes for F version
Randoseru for D version

〇 Rina-chan
Additional positions, nocturnal scenes, baths, movies, hot spring trips, missionary positions, begging sex

〇 Ms. Shizue
Additional positions/wet dream scene/rotor/bath/bar/hot spring trip/go missionary position/begging sex

〇 Replay mode
You can play your favorite scenes again

Link 1
Link 2

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Translation for D & F version
Link: https://mega.nz/folder/ljQiDLpA#MP0jA94uCmvDBog-rfr8CQ

Virus Total:
D version: VirusTotal – File – 7bc299c3dd02126b56e7dfd9ab0d4dbc7e18f7cb72877f4f09ec287d0650be1b

F version: VirusTotal – File – b416b2ea24ad265f9254d947c5c0f6ebd60665fb6b24c15bcbc3447369d844ee


I created a translation, just need to copy scenario folder to the data folder (it’s hidden in the main game folder).

It’s a machine translation, I’ve been playing and so far I didn’t get any problem, but a few texts aren’t translated.

There’s a problem with choices button, I couldn’t set it with blank spaces, so expect some texts like this: ShoppingwithRina-chan

There’re texts that is image so, it’ll be in japanese to.

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[UPDATE 5]: Updated to 1.13fap (Climax fix and new spa scene)
My small contribution to the fapforfun community (Manual English Patch):

-Full complete translation to English (manual), include buttons and images
-Merged D and F version exclusive scenes/dialogs, remapped so they are both available together

Link: https://mega.nz/file/9zgTVSbI#UDHoM1QKqOAs_ZDHp46xDDW1SvIXyq2VCYXk8KyYRk4

For installation look at readme file.
I give full permission for Fapforfun admins to include this patch in their upload / seed, no credit needs to be given.

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1.10 is almost completed, now we have a little problem lmao the Dlsite version and the Fantia version have different scenes so we need to find a download link for both versions


News, he already applied for the fanza version of the game and shortly the 1.10 will be available there. Main difference with the Dlsite version are heavier censorship (it sucks) and the loli will have a gym uniform sex scene. On the other hand, the Dlsite version will have less censorship (mosaics will be thinner) and the loli will have a sex scene with her schoolbag (randoseru). Other than those 2 changes, the 1.10 update will be the same between Dlsite and Fantia, imo the Dlsite version will be superior for the censorship change alone, but we need the Fantia… Read more »


I wonder does the new version (v1.1) already include the translation patch ?, I know for uncensored will take sometimes to finish, just want a confirmation before download it


Wow this looks incredible, I haven’t seen it before. I’ve missed out on English patches for older versions, I hope work on translations keeps going. Downloading in hopes of finding a patch sometime. An official translation would be prime, I’d buy in a heartbeat.


Can anyone give me a guide for this game? Mainly, how to trigger all scenes? Plus, where’s the translation patch if there’s any…

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seems high quality, pretty good but i dont understand anything.


the dlsite version should be available soon. Will that be uploaded as well?

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Wow, it’s a surprise for me.


Dlsite version is out: https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ01024127.html
Hopefully we can also have this one here for the additional scenes.


I managed to combine both versions into 1 game. Coded the gym clothes scenes into the DLsite version.
Also working on a new translation using the old 1.8 translation as a base. Will probably upload both some time next week.


some scenes just not working, anyone encountered same issue


I’m working on descensor. However, It may take a while (really :D)

Preview: https://mega.nz/folder/03hRUTpA#S_cbAkG4VLI16gMr85kgqw


Is there an apk for this?


The voiced scenes (besides sakurako ones) have no subtitles right? for example the intro when they buy juice, or am i doing something wrong with the translation patches?


how to make the girl cum in missioanry???


DIfference between version D and F?


I saw that some stuff was not translated and here is subtitles for most of the videos https://mega.nz/file/XSQAEJoC#P4BufOxcAKEB5VGWlpGCMKzA3eu8dK0h1e0ecavpUCA


Gentlemen I have found gold

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So, if anyone is interested I put together Riko’s clips into one full video, decensored and all. Here is Rika: (will be re-doing her through recording in the scene selector. I did her by combining the clips from the video folder. In order for there to be audio, will maybe get this done in the next couple weeks) https://anonfiles.com/J49cb9X0y0/Riko_Uncensored_Ver._1.13_D_F_mp4 Here is Rina: https://anonfiles.com/h4m3O4X6y4/Rina_Decensored_Ver._1.13_D_F_mp4 Here is Shizue: (I didn’t realize, but I accidentally rendered this one in 4k, I’ll re-do this one in a lower resolution to save people download space later, my bad lol. Unless you like it in 4k,… Read more »

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This site is the best one ever created. The way you guys keep this game updated, and the people that work on translations + QoL changes is simple amazing.

This is literally the only place you can get all of this! If this site didn’t existed I doubt we could ever play the latest version of this game,so THANKS TO FAPFORFUN AND THANKS TO THE KIND PEOPLE IN IT!!!

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