[3D Hentai] A Perverted Family of a NEET and an Angel ver.1.08

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Circle: rainbowbambi
Release: 2020/03/06
Updated: 2021/05/10
Translator: Hoshi
File Format: EXE
File Size: 4.17 GB

Eng-Translation patch by Hoshi+Goldenboy (this was for v1.07, I didn’t test it with v1.08 yet):

Overview (Google Translated):
One day an angel appeared to an NEET!
“Have you live together with another person”
A human NEET escape plan to also exercise!
This is the game which a main character remakes magnificently…?

Be Love games making friends with the family who lived together in the house of the main character

If good sensitivity is finished, can tempt you into Dating
Of course as for the further thing…

■Muu bimode
The replay of the H scene is possible with a recollection mode
As have been freed all, there comes to be rukoga judging from a beginning
Be custom possibilities with a turn to like as there is the thing which can choose a gasp voice in Kinds of the Videos

May 10, 2021 Ver 1.08
Content addition
〇 Riko-chan bath scene added
〇 Riko-chan added a weekday sex position

August 20, 2020 update Ver 1.07
* Item Vibrator addition
* Add the physique of the Sex on weekdays

June 30, 2020 update Ver1.06
* Added cosplay costume

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no audio .for some videos

Last edited 1 year ago by NameMore

Why so hard to remove ‘ and space?


This is the final (special) version including updated video and script: bit.ly/3hIKIx1


is this update uncensored? thx 🙂


you need change filename extension from”07″ to “rar”,Then you can decompress

Last edited 1 year ago by wq62458615



Torrent is well-seeded. Gives off rapid download.


in 1.08, what’s the difference between parts 1, 2 and 3?


Here is the 108 with all magic applied on: bit.ly/3hkWoYU
To open: 108uncenversion


The .exe keeps deleting itself, anyone know what’s up with this?


can anyone kindly release their full save 😉


Thanks gor translate! Is there uncensored version?


english patch version 1.07 not working on version 1.08


when I play the scenes, it flashes to deep red and changed back, this behaviour repeats. Does anyone know the fix to this? Any help would be appreciated.

Last edited 1 year ago by Erii

Screen keeps flashing when viewing gallery. Anyone know whats up with that?


Is there a walkthrough for this game anywhere? I still don’t know how to get the first footjob and blowjob scenes for riko or how to use the vibrator that you buy. Any help on this?



To make it a full uncen, here are the last and updated files: bit.ly/2U3TUo3
I used the same as above, to open: 108uncenversion


Hi, Is there a way to delete progress. Games gallery is completed already. I want to try to unlock scenes my self.


Nijiro Bambi made another game Etchi na kanojo (natsu) えっちな彼女(夏)
Does anyboy knows where to find english translation or uncensored version?

Last edited 11 months ago by KuroiTamashii