[ACT] Castle in the Clouds [English]

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Circle: pixel-teishoku
Release: Mar/06/2020
Work Format: Action
Genre: Female Protagonist, Breasts, Dot/Pixel, Anime, Big tits, Monster girl, Monster, Rape, Tentacles, Bestiality, Group sex, Humiliation, Animated, Combat, Side-scroller, Fantasy, Interspecies sex
File Size: 238.87MB

*Please run the game with Japanese Locale

For this game, you have to change 2 things when changing your system local to Japanese.
1-change the local
2-change the time/day texts
& then restart,

most amateur Japanese in-game .ini script requires you to change the time/day texts in order for them to work without bugs.


A 2D pixel-art ero exploration action game!
Explore a huge world with 10 stages and over 1000 sections.
Check the map at any time by pressing the [V] key.
* The sample video was made during development, so it contains some differences from the finished product.

11 ero animations (planned), in addition to pixel art ero.

* Receiving H attacks causing stripping, which damages nearby enemies and gives you temporary invincibility.
When an enemy with a heart overhead captures you, you still trigger an H animation.

* Recovering from horniness damages nearby enemies.
Sometimes succubi lie in wait inside treasure chests.
If they hit you with their horny beam, you become unable to fight, have your movement restricted.
To overcome it, you must either take some recovery medicine, or masturbate to climax.

* Take quests from the guild in town in order to progress the story.

* Raise your stats at the inn.
Level up by defeating enemies, and acquire points, which can be used increase your capabilities.
Customize your build to your liking, whether that be attacking-focus, magic-focus, tanking, or any other combination!

* 4 difficulty options ensure even those who aren’t good at action games can enjoy it!
The easiest difficulty level halves enemy damage, and gives you an item that lets you turn to town anytime.

* Supports Gamepad
Xbox 360 gamepad’s default setting is pre-set.

Playtime: Approx. 4-5 hours
Gallery mode included (Not included in trial version)

All download on this site are torrent magnet. You need any bittorrent program to make it work.
Don’t forget to read FAQ page if you got any errors.
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What’s the default command to pick up items? There’s all these scroll things coming from chests that I can’t pick up.


god, libra heart art is golden, as always, but the game itself is a steaming pile of spaghetti code that needs to be run in compatibility with windows XP and even then doesn’t exactly work properly.


they are gonna have to update this, number values are not truncated so they look like 1.000000000000 instead of 1 also pick ups dont look right and when i played it got stuck getting fuck and nothing i pressed did nothing


I can play the game but the music is not playing. Anyone has the same problem?