[ACT] Battle Of Girls ~the heroic tales of other world gals~ (JP)

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Battle Of Girls ~異世界ギャル戦記~

Circle: Vitamin CCC
Release: Nov/07/2017
Work Format: Action
Genre: Violation, Rape, Uniform, Long Hair, Blonde Hair, Torture
File Size: 545.11MB

During an exercise, their battalion gets lost in another world……
“Hazuki”, the friend of Officer “Yuuna”, was a member of that battalion.

As there is no guarantee that the connection between worlds will stay open forever,
The battalion gives up searching for Hazuki and returns to their world but,
Yuuna cannot just leave her friend and comrade in arms behind.

At that time, Hazuki had been captured in the other world and…
As a means to gain information from her, all manners of sexual torment befall her.

Protagonist: Yuuna
Personality: Gal. Her form of combat is Duel Pistol Wielding.
The type of girl that cannot abandon her friends when they are in need.

Protagonist’s Friend: Hazuki
Personality: Neat & Tidy / Prim & Proper.
She used to become fatigued and down due to training
but thanks to Yuuna’s encouragement she was able to bear through it all.

A stage clearing style, side scrolling action game.
When the protagonist takes damage, her clothes will become tatters.
If caught by the enemy she will be violated.
When being violated the screen will zoom in for your viewing pleasure.

* Can change the difficulty.
* Cheat mode available for those that have difficulty with action games.

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