[SLG] AmaotoTouch ver.1.01 (JP)

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Circle: AFKS
Release: Jan/31/2020
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Touch/Feel, Girl, Loli, Tsurupeta
File Size: 39.6MB

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Any full save or any guide for this unlock all?


To unlock free mode you need all cutscenes and pics under gallery. Cum in both holes about 10 to 20 times (I’m at 24 pussy 18 anal). At start hit “Back” in the bottom right for doggy and anal (right click penis and move down for vaginal during doggy). And for the “secret,” take all her clothes off, raise her feet pull out penis, and wait about 7 seconds. Do all this and all toys should be unlocked and gallery complete. (First Pic should be unlocked after the tutorial. 2nd after enough vaginal creampies. 3rd after enough anal creampies. and… Read more »


any news about the game admin?like a update or somenthing?


This could have been good, the weird art ruins everything. Looks like a poor mans Lost Life clone.
Why the fuck is her face a square? The fuck is up with her monster hands?