[ACT] Fangs of the Ghoul (JP)

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Circle: Etching Edge
Release: Feb/02/2020
Work Format: Action
Genre: Dot/Pixel, Decadent/Immoral, Vore, Sister/Nun, Big Breasts
File Size: 187MB

Fangs that reduce all to nothing — eroding the world with their piercing bite.
Sister Misa searches this nightmarish world for the one weapon that can shatter these
monstrous teeth. Along the way, she brings salvation to the people corrupted by evil,
and to the monsters that unleashed it. But what is the true root of the calamity…?

Dynamic clothing damage!
Make contact with enemies or their attacks and Sister Misa’s clothes will be torn.
Three different states of undress that affect animations — torn clothing, fully nude,
and Game Over!

Includes all sorts of different erotic scenes!
Creampies, fellatio, hypnosis, strangulation, vore, digestion, and more!

About Etching Edge 2.0
We’ve stopped using Flash and moved on to Unity,
allowing us to take out games to a new level of eroticism!

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