[RPG] Cursed Futana – Ring ver.3.39 [English]

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Circle: IrisField
Release: Sep/21/2019
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Masturbation , Interspecies Sex, Animal Ears, Futanari/Hermaphrodite, Large Cock , Phimosis
File Size: 494MB

*Tested and look like text not dispaly properly but you can read them from backlog (L icon)

The daughter, Rana, who was kicked out of the hall by his father’s illicit trade,
was standing in front of the house without going there.
There is a guide to the house by Ily who was a maid of the house.
With the power gained there, Lana will become a winning hunter (hunter) and
go on a fight trip.
Is Rana able to rescue his elder sister caught in a detention place …?

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Is there a way to fix the text? Like decreasing the font size or something?


I am not sure what is the point to use the new version if it’s bugged and not entirely translated…. I have the 1.36 and the text is fine…. Is there a change log somewhere?


years ago when i didn’t know a lot of hgames, this got posted on v so i played it and ended up getting the good ending, idk what for because i didn’t even fap to it, i dont like futa owo


they have live 2d and the story goes further than 1.36
cant appreciate the live 2d if i need to go to logs for every god damn time


Hey everyone with the recent updates the English translated line length has not been working correctly so im just sharing a patch i got from a wonderful fellow (bluechujelly) on F95.

Here is the patch file, Drag and drop the contents of the zip to the game folder: https://attachments.f95zone.to/2020/02/561335_futaring_patch_v339_0.2.zip


It seems to be only the demo because I don’t get more stages after 1-5. and I’m already lvl 14…


Can anyone help? I unlocked the Arena after completing 6-1, but after I unlock and try to access the Arena itself, it just soft-locks after the Receptionist leaves, very weird… Do I need to complete the main story first or something? I just don’t get it at all… :/ Also, is there a character that’s supposed to appear after the Receptionist leaves? If anyone can help me then i’d greatly appreciate it. 🙂 (it soft-locks on the second image, can’t do anything at all except reload the save prior to this) Also, if anyone can provide a proper translation patch… Read more »

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Cursed Futana – Ring ver.3.39 Uncensored Ver Please


Hi guys, did anyone make it past stage 7-3? if so, how to get past it? And I also read on a website that it is possible to modify the body of the heroine, does anyone know how to do this? EDIT1: If somebody is having the same problem you will need capture the Wandering Spirit in the stage 5-4, and don’t sell or transform in XP, when you win the stage 6-5, Lana will unlock a new form, with the True Seal, and you use the True Seal in the dogs of the stage 7-3 to pass the stage.… Read more »

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Hey guys. Tell me how to leave Lilim? And then she is a good DD does not want to let go. And how to enlarge breasts?
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For those of you stuck on wondering just how the hell you can unlock Sakume’s futanari variation outfit, just acquire the item from the chest on Chapter 9-2, obviously don’t use it on Sakume since otherwise it completely goes to waste. Except what the guide doesn’t tell you is that, apparently, her futanari variation scene only unlocks when you set Lana with her “Naked” costume, then the scene involving unlocking Sakume’s futanarization works, though before I didn’t try going to Sakume’s Material Shop as nude Lana, though I may be wrong and that only the h-scene involving Sakume titfucking Lana… Read more »


ha.. why.. almost everytime I found some interesting yuri/futa game, It almost always got some spider in it.. ugh T T