[SLG] Nai’s Training Diary [JP-EN-CH-Uncen]

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Circle: Banana King
Release: Jan/24/2020
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Lovey Dovey/Sweet Love, Pure Love, Sexual Training, Rape, Girl, Blonde Hair
File Size: 324.3MB

* Language Switchable: English, Japanese, Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified

*Story Outline
One day you adopt “Nai”, a young girl who constantly suffers from domestic violence, and you will take care of her for 100 days.
The girl, at first, is afraid of crowds of people and keeps vigilance over anybody.

But as you talk to her every day, you can bring warmth to her and gradually let her become not afraid of people. Then the girl will be able to connect with the world.

The game is flexible to an extreme extent.
You can let Nai work to earn money, go out for fun to strengthen your bond with her or learn all sorts of things.
There are 11 places available for free exploration and over 50 unexpected events.

If intimacy between you and Nai reaches certain values, you can have sex with Nai in many different ways.
There are various dresses and suits. For each suit there will be different have-sex plots for different places.

Everything of Nai is well under your control. Start a unique and romantic journey with Nai right now!

*Game Highlights
*Voice of the heroine throughout the game
*43 basic CG, including 300+ differences
*30+ different facial expressions
*Costumes: 8 types of costumes (Homewear, Swimming Suite, Winter Clothes, Formal Suite, Dancing Dress,Bunny Dress, SM Suite )
*Game Endings: 20 kinds

*Characteristic System
*In environmental settings, you can enable the full CG mode to freely view HCG
*Multi-ending system
*User-friendly operation system
*Support mouse
*Quick text-jumping system

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this game is a copy of “life with a slave” (I would argue a cheep copy, it’s no where near “life with a slave” ,I would suggest playing that first if you didn’t already http://fapforfun.net/archives/5580 )
the main story is different, yet it’s the same


Sorry i was bored so i wrote a quick save dump and restore util. https://github.com/Bukkyo256/NaiDiarySaveDump/releases Its on github on my alternative account not to pollute my professional github account. The saves are written to the registry as hex formatted json so i wrote a simple little util to translate it to a normal formatted json and save it to disk. From there you can edit the json values. Save it and then restore it back to the registry on the same slot. It can only dump saves and write them back to an existing slot overwriting the save there. tryng… Read more »


the makers patreon page are being reviewed by patreon.


This is straight teaching feelings rip off


There is a Android version for this right?


I personally found the game kind of disappointing, but for one reason in particular… Nai can be raped while doing certain activities in the city, and there’s literally nothing you can do about it. This really sucks, because unlike similar games, you’re not even given the option to not lewd her. You could be the nicest father figure ever, and she just gets fucked over. I really think that just flys in the face of the entire game concept. I really wanted to like this, and everything else was fairly well done in the game. It is in many ways… Read more »

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Unavoidable NTR, wouldn’t recommend


The game froze on the second library event.